New York magazine has a story this week about Virginia wine country, adding to the growing perception that 2006 is the year of the surprising wine pedigree.

For the first time in more than a century, there are more wineries outside of California than within the state, and this Virginia wine write-up attempts to harness some of that non-canonical excitement. Among the fun facts spewed forth within the article’s first few paragraphs:

• Virginia boasts roughly 100 wineries.

• Folks have been cultivating grapes in state since Thomas Jefferson’s era.

• Honoring a regional tradition, wine dwarfs (or “little people”) still personally stomp most of the region’s grapes.

• Touring the Monticello Wine Trail is a well-accepted way to browse the state’s finest offerings.

Note: One of those bullet points was fabricated for your enjoyment. At any rate, New York magazine deserves some praise for reaching past its turf and more thoroughly exploring all the crazy stuff going on in the East Coast wine scene. And in Virginia, that includes Tannat, Chambourcin, and a “damn good” Petit Verdot.

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