Lola’s strombolis are just lovely, says rworange. The owner is a master of the crust. They are beautiful creatures, with a great, cheesy pepperoni filling and crust that’s not at all leaden. No sauce.

Parry’s is a joint right out of the streets of New York. Its stromboli is big, and, well, just a classic New York stromboli. There is sauce on the side. In fact, if you want to get closer to the New York trifecta, you can combine your trip to Parry’s with a trip to Gumbah’s, for a glorious Italian Beef—the best in the East Bay. They’re both worth a long trip, assures rworange.

Lola’s [East Bay]
1585 Solano Avenue, Berkeley

Parry’s Market/Pizzeria [Napa County]
234 American Canyon Road, American Canyon

Gumbah’s Italian Beef [Solano County]
138 Tennessee Street, Vallejo

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