The leaves have transformed from green to yellow and red, pumpkin spice has infiltrated all our favorite baked goods, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It’s true: Fall is here and well along its way. That can only mean that ALDI, the beloved German grocery store, has welcomed in plenty of new, seasonally inspired items. We’re talking every kind of cookie imaginable, all the Thanksgiving essentials, and plenty of treats that’ll help you stay warm as the cold weather sets in. 

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ALDI Finds: November 4

Chef’s Cupboard Turkey Stuffing Mix


Not feeling making your own this year? No matter: ALDI’s got you covered with an easy, basic stuffing mix. 

Clancy’s Turkey & Stuffing Wavy Potato Chips


Ever dreamed of stuffing in potato form? Well, now you can test it out with these potato chips. 

Mama Cozzi’s Cheddar Biscuits

Bake up these cheddar biscuits for breakfast or a midday snack. 

Connellys Strawberry Country Cream


Top off your favorite mixed drink with this strawberry-flavored cream.

Crofton Adjustable Turkey Roasting Rack



The star attraction needs a vessel to roast on in the oven, after all. 

Ambiano Classic Stand Mixer


At $60, this stand mixer is a steal, primed for all your fall and winter baking. 

ALDI Finds: November 11

Barissimo Caramel Macchiato or Creme Brulee Coffee


Cozy up in front of the fire with a mug of flavored coffee. 

Bake Shop Pumpkin Pie


Need a dessert, stat? Snap up one of these pumpkin pies.

Moiselle Couture Collection Blackberry Dark Red Blend


Pop open a bottle of wine any day of the week. 

Crofton Holiday Stemless Wine Glasses


These holiday-inspired wine glasses will certainly get you in the mood for upcoming festivities.

Crofton Measuring Cup Assortment


You’ll need these measuring cups for all those big baking projects you have planned. 

ALDI Finds: November 18

Simply Nature Organic Turkey


Snag a whole turkey—before they’re sold out. 

Choceur Chocolate Assortment Holiday Tin


Open up these cute tins to reveal a collection of bite-sized chocolates. 

State of Brewing Chocolate Stout


On a cool night, there’s nothing more satisfying than pouring a sudsy glass of a dark beer. 

Specially Selected Charcuterie Collection


Pick at these olives and pickled vegetables before or after dinner. 

ALDI Finds: November 25

Clancy’s White and Dark Drizzled Caramel Corn


Turn on a movie and open up these chocolate covered caramel corns as a snack. 

Specially Selected Cupcake Mix


Don’t have time for a big baking project? Pop open these cake mix boxes for an easy fix. 

Specially Selected Brioche Star


This brioche is sweet and savory, shaped into a multi-pronged star. 

Benton’s Gingerbread House


Get ready for December with this DIY gingerbread house set. 

State of Brewing Winter Lager


These winter lagers are sure to keep that belly warm on a cool, dark night. 

Header image courtesy of ALDI.

Amy Schulman is an associate editor at Chowhound. She is decidedly pro-chocolate.
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