Tired of computer and video games whose only purpose is to teach you to shoot as many people and objects as possible? Whither all the great eating games?

Well, as was reported by the unwimpy site A Hamburger Today, you can put your joystick to work on a game and develop some real skillz. Burger Island finds our heroine managing a tropical-island burger shack, and making burgers, fries, and shakes to order.

Unlike the retro delights of BurgerTime (which was more like Donkey Kong than it was like an actual cooking game, only instead of avoiding a large, angry gorilla, you had to dodge Mr. Hotdog), Burger Island gives you the chef’s hat. The higher the level, the more “gourmet” your cooking becomes.

With globalization wreaking havoc on high-paying manufacturing jobs in the United States, maybe it makes sense to train as many people as possible for careers in the fast-food industry. Burger Island, it would seem, is the employee training module of the future.

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