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You might’ve heard about the Always Pan since it’s made the rounds on morning talk shows and always seems to be sold out or on backorder (although not right now!). We tested it out earlier this year to see if it lived up to the hype and I’ve gotta admit, it totally does. It’s a perfect everyday size, insanely easy to clean, deep enough to make sauces without spillage, and has a genius built-in spoon rest. Oh, and it just looks so darn good sittin’ on the stove.

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The Always Pan just got a little better too, with the release of its first-ever accessory (if you don’t count the wooden spoon and metal steamer tray it already comes with). As of today, you can add a pair of sturdy spruce steamer baskets for making glorious dumplings, mounds of steamed vegetables, perfectly-cooked fish, and more just by plopping the basket atop the Always Pan with a little bit of water.

Always Pan Spruce Steamer Baskets & Chopsticks, $45 on Our Place

Our Place

The brand new steamer baskets are made from high-quality spruce and come with a pair of wooden chopsticks, all for $45. The baskets are currently on pre-order but we don’t know what inventory will look like when they start to ship, so if you’re hoping to score a pair you might want to secure yours ASAP.Buy Now

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