Some of the best baked char siu bao around are at Chinatown’s Family Pastry. They’re big and loaded with roast pork for only about 65 cents. OK, the steamed chicken bao are pretty good too (85 cents). Also try the pork curry pastry, but the har gow tends to be doughy.

Out in Northridge, the unfortunately named Weinie Bakery distinguishes itself with steamed bao, freshly made in-house, says yclops. Vegetarian bao holds garlic chive, onion, and pressed tofu, tasty and not as pungent as some others. Barbecue chicken is decent, with chunks of both chicken and pork in a sweet sauce. Pork-veggie, on the other hand, is primarily cabbage and just bland. There’s also char siu bao, red bean/plain mantou, and an assortment of not-too-sweet Asian cakes and breads with corn, weenies (of course), taro, onions, and the like.

Family Pastry [Chinatown]
715 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles

Weinie Bakery [West San Fernando Valley]
9250 Reseda Boulevard #10, Northridge

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