In a pop-spliffff! of pop-culture brilliance, Diet Pepsi has put out a new Beverly Hills, 90210–themed commercial, complete with the 90210 theme song and characters, and a comment that Brenda is drinking Diet Coke because Dylan is drinking Diet Pepsi, and this week, Brenda hates Dylan. (“I hate you both—never speak to me again!”)

The 90210 geek in me first has to squeee! that the announcer pronounces AHNdrea’s name correctly, and then has to correct for this analysis:

Not only is this a forced regurgitation of pop culture, it isn’t even current pop culture. 90210 went off the air seven years ago in a freefall after everyone who made the show popular jumped ship. Maybe I’m being too mean. Yes, the ad ridicules 90210. But even that strategy feels stale.

What the blogger doesn’t appear to realize is that until very recently, Brenda-lovers and Kelly-haters weren’t able to exhaustively relive the glory years of Steve Sanders’ curly blond mullet. SOAPnet started airing double blocks of the Lycra-covered, shoulder-padded episodes in 2005, and just this month the DVDs of the show’s second season were finally released.

Then again, for me, 90210 obsession mixed with unfettered ridicule will be as timeless as my adoration of the Velveeta-soaked Sweet Valley High books.

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