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Air fryers are undeniably the darling of the kitchen appliance world as of late. There’s a good reason for that since they provide some cover in eating some traditionally not-so-healthy snacks like crispy wings, fries, chicken fingers, and the like, without all the extra fat and calories that come with frying.

One issue you might have with a traditional air fryer, however, is the somewhat minimal cooking capacity in relation to the total space it takes up, but this Kalorik analog air fryer & convection oven​​ solves that problem. It’s an air fryer, yes, but has three racks and 12 quarts of cooking capacity so you’re not limited to single-layer sheets of appetizers. In fact, you could use this in place of or in addition to your big oven for roasting birds, baking pies, warming leftovers, and finishing holiday sides. Right now the Kalorik 12-quart air fryer oven is down nearly 60 percent to just $50 at Best Buy.

Kalorik 12-Quart Air Fryer & Convection Oven, $50 (normally $119.99) on Best Buy


​The deal on this large-capacity air fryer combo includes free shipping. Or choose free in-store pickup and grab it yourself, pending inventory at your local branch.Buy Now

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