The wonderfully, hysterically, exhaustively offensive Gordon Ramsay is on a roll these days. There’s the dead deer drag, the Silence of the Lambs taunting of Posh Spice, and now horse meat. Not just eating horse meat, mind you, but cooking up horse meat patties and serving them at Cheltenham Racecourse.

It’s just another day in the life of Ramsay’s TV show The F Word, and Ramsay and F Word presenter Janet Street-Porter hope to educate the general public about the benefits of eating the Old Gray Mare.

Both Ramsay and Street-Porter claim that not only do they like the taste of the gamy meat, but also horse has lots of iron and is packed with those miraculous omega-3’s we keep hearing about. However, health benefits aside, both the Vegetarian Society and the International League for the Protection of Horses are pretty steamed over this idea.

The ILPH announced, “It’s irresponsible to promote eating horse meat while failing to inform viewers about the appalling abuses of animals in the industry,” and the Vegetarian Society claimed, “Most people will find the idea of eating horse abhorrent.”

Although it’s all taking place on Ramsay’s show, the Sun piece does make it appear as though Ramsay—or his handlers—has attempted to downplay his direct involvement:

Channel 4 said Ramsay does not urge viewers to eat horse on the show, screened on May 22, but ‘merely states that he has liked it’.

A spokeswoman added: ‘Gordon’s only involvement in the investigation is at the end when he agrees with Janet that horse meat tastes good.’

Maybe so, but I’m not particularly looking forward to the day when my farmers’ market starts offering artisanally produced Blackadder-y horse sausages.

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