For a while there, it seemed like you couldn’t swing a cat at a Veg Fest without hitting a monitor that was showing The Meatrix (not that you’d want to swing a cat at a Veg Fest. In fact, that’s the last place you’d want to do that). The Meatrix was a savvy piece of animated propaganda that posited a future in which Leo the pig took the red pill and was introduced to the horror of factory farming by a cow called Moopheus.

Now the folks at Sustainable Table are trying to re-create that buzz with a new episode —The Meatrix II 1/2. Timed to help promote and capitalize on the release of Richard Linklater’s Fast Food Nation, the new episode deals with the politics of slaughterhouses. And while the deplorability of the conditions for both humans and animals in that industry isn’t news, the short film is a good reminder of how much easier it is to get a dose of E. coli from a batch of burgers than from a bunch of spinach.

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