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If you’re still making your stir-fries in a regular old frying pan, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you’re doing it all wrong. Woks were designed for quickly and evenly pan-frying veggies and meats and at this very moment, an Analon hard-anodized nonstick 14-inch wok is on discount, down to just $60 at Macy’s (plus free shipping). That’s 50 percent off the tag price and $15 cheaper than we found it anywhere else, including Amazon.


The Anolon wok scores very high marks in more than 90 purchase reviews and sports a modern color-blocked aesthetic, available in either bronze, indigo, or moonstone gray.Buy Now

If you’re already in possession of a good wok but have some other weak spots in your cookware arsenal, Macy’s has other pieces from the Anolon cookware line on sale today. This nonstick grill pan is marked down under $40, for instance, and a two-piece skillet set with nearly perfect reviews is half-off down to just $50 right now.

Header image courtesy of Anolon.

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