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The best apple and honey recipes for Rosh Hashanah include a mix of cocktails, desserts, and appetizers that are sure to add a little whimsy to your 5781 holiday spread.

The staple dish of a Jewish New Year celebration is as tasty as it is simple: Sliced apples served with sweet clover honey. Apples—one of the more durable fruits—are there to represent strength in the face of harsh conditions, while sweet honey stands in as a hopeful prelude for an equally sweet year ahead. (One which we are long past due for, I might add). 

Apples and honey alone make an excellent pair any time of year, but there’s a bounty of clever and creative spins on the Rosh Hashanah staple to keep things interesting. By all means, serve them up the classic way as well or as part of a festive cheese board (as we outline below), but for a whimsical twist on the symbolic Rosh Hashanah snack, try one or more of these great recipes using apples and honey. 

Caramelized Apple Honey & Olive Oil Upside Down Cake


Edith’s, a Jewish deli pop-up in Brooklyn, is one of the hottest tickets in town, with lines out the door. If you’re not within striking distance of Edith’s or want to skip the lines, try this decadent apple, honey and olive oil cake at home. Get the Caramelized Apple Honey and Olive Oil Upside Down Cake recipe.

Seeded Apple Bread with Honey & Thyme

seeded apple honey bread recipe

Yuki Sugiura

This slightly sweet apple bread with honey and thyme could make an appearance before, during, or even after dinner. Serve it warm and toasty with a good soft, cheese or alongside your brisket, roasted chicken, or creamy squash soup. Get our Seeded Apple Bread with Honey and Thyme recipe.

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Cheese Board with Apples and Hot Honey

Stas Uvarov/Getty

If you’re just going to serve sliced apples and honey why not snazzy it up with some good cheese, nuts, fruit, and special honey. Better yet, out a flight of honey, like hot honey, clover, or wildflower for folks to try. Pomegranates, also a traditional Rosh Hashanah food, would look niced sliced open and laid out on your cheese, honey, and apple display. See our Guide to Building a Great Cheese Board.

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Spiced Pecan & Apple Salad with Honey Vinaigrette


Perhaps the most avant-garde interpretation of apples and honey on this list, this salad with warm spices, bright apples, and a sweet honey vinaigrette make the perfect addition to your holiday meal, chock full of fall flavors. Get the Spiced Apple & Pecan Salad with Honey Vinaigrette recipe.

Apple Brandy Hot Toddy with Honey Liqueur

hot toddy recipe


It wouldn’t be a successful fall fête without a warming sip of something to cap the evening. Try this hot toddy, which features Calvados or apple brandy and Bärenjäger honey liqueur. If you can’t find Bärenjäger, good clover honey will do just fine. Get our Apple Brandy Hot Toddy with Honey recipe.

Bourbon Apple & Honey Smash

A Rosh Hashanah cocktail? Yes, please. The bourbon smash is possibly my favorite cocktail template calling for bourbon, of course, some fresh fruit, spice, or herbal element in the form of bitters, fresh herbs or warm spices, a dash of citrus, and a bit of sweetener. From there, the combinations are truly endless and seasonal spins abound, like this bourbon apple smash with honey, lemon, and warm spices, for instance, which is very Rosh Hashanah-ready. Get the Bourbon Apple & Honey Smash recipe.

Melty Brie Apple & Honey Crostinis

Why not infuse the classic apple and honey experience with a little melted brie? Nobody ever complained about a little melted brie. This appetizer is simple to assemble and big on wow factor.

Header image courtesy of Yuki Sugiura

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