This month’s Food Arts, the free and inexplicably excellent magazine for food industry types, has a remarkable profile of Italian chef Massimiliano Alajmo. The youngest Michelin three-star chef in the guide’s history, Alajmo has a flashy but substantial repertoire beautifully illustrated in the article with photos by wowe.

The profile of this fifth-generation chef (sadly only available in the hard-copy edition of Food Arts) makes for good reading, but the really arresting aspect of it is a concept dessert called Gioccadele 2006, named for Alajmo’s baby daughter Adele. The dessert is a “lifeline sampler” of nine different desserts progressing in “age” from a pacifier with a tonka bean cream dipped in milk glaze all the way down to a rum-filled pipe representing old age. The time line progresses through an inverse cappuchino and hazelnut–chocolate wafer cup representing puberty and a beer meringue chocolate with a wild sour cherry standing in for maturity. It may sound gimmicky; it looks stunning.

Chef Alajmo also has a self-published book called In.Gredienti. The thing looks absolutely killler. And it probably should be, at its roughly $200 cover price.

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