Most people will admit that they can’t tell the difference between soda sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup or pure cane sugar. But if you’ve ever sipped a Coke imported from Mexico or labeled “Kosher for Passover,” the difference is obvious. Cane sugar provides a cleaner taste and a less “syrupy” mouthfeel. It’s just more refreshing.

Unfortunately, due to the obscure agricultural policies of Earl Butz (pay attention to the Farm Bill, people!), almost every can of pop out there is sweetened with nutritionally suspect high-fructose corn syrup.

But as of last month, Jones Soda, the upstart company whose innovative flavors have included a Thanksgiving pack with a Turkey & Gravy soda, has gotten caned. In a Seattle Post-Intelligencer profile titled “Seeking the Green in Pure Cane Sugar,” company founder Peter van Stolk said that Jones transitioned to sugar on April 1.

Jones joins Boylan Bottling Company, as well as several small bottlers (but interestingly, not Hansen’s Natural Soda), in just saying no to corn.

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