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No matter how good it was on the first night, leftover steak needs a little TLC to be its most delicious on day two. Luckily, we rounded up the best leftover steak recipes that make it shine.

Of prime importance is to be sure to gently reheat your steak so it doesn’t end up overcooked. Anywhere a recipe calls for cooking fresh steak, simply warm yours up instead and then add it to the dish just before serving.

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Cold cooked steak tends to be dry, so even for a salad, you might want to warm it up at least a little (tossing it in some of the vinaigrette right afterward also helps). Obviously, the rarer your steak when you start, the more margin for error you have. Hence, it pays to know how to cook steak in the first place.

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When you’re ready for round two, see the best way to reheat steak, and then check out these leftover steak recipes for the best way to enjoy it (again).

1. Leftover Steak Sandwich

Bourbon Steak Sandwich recipe


The most obvious leftover steak application is still one of the best—and you can build your sandwich any way you like. Our Steak Sandwich recipe adds thinly sliced red bell peppers, provolone cheese, and tarragon mayo and is briefly broiled to toast and melt and meld everything together. It’s simple but eminently satisfying (especially if you start with our Bourbon Marinated Steak recipe the day before). Feel free to saute your peppers with some onions first, or use other fresh herbs in the mayo, or add mustard, or otherwise riff as you please.

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2. Leftover Steak Salad

steak and bacon salad with blue cheese


Steak salad is another completely customizable option. We like it best with thinly sliced steak that’s been gently warmed, but beyond that, it’s hard to choose a favorite version. Our Steak and Bacon Salad recipe brings in creamy blue cheese, sweet cherry tomatoes, and crisp bacon. Avocado lends a silky contrast to the meat in our Mexican Grilled Steak Salad recipe, which also features queso fresco and black beans. Crisp slivered onions and peppers go into our Flank Steak and Arugula Salad recipe along with tender beans and a subtly sweetened lime dressing. And our Steak and Potato Salad recipe with a tangy tomato vinaigrette eschews the lettuce but adds celery leaves, parsley, and scallions for the greens.

3. Leftover Steak Quesadilla

Grilled Steak Quesadilla recipe


Whether you grill this or make it in a cast iron skillet, it’s gooey, cheesy, meaty perfection that’s even better topped with sour cream, salsa, or guacamole (or all three). We slip some pickled jalapeños into the filling for a little kick, but you can also stir some smoky chipotle powder or adobo sauce into your sour cream if you’re starting out with relatively plain steak. Get our Grilled Steak Quesadilla recipe.

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4. Leftover Steak Fried Rice

The key to this one is cooking everything else before adding the steak and only stirring it around until it’s warm. Get the Leftover Steak Fried Rice recipe. Similarly, you can turn leftover steak into a stir-fry; just cook everything else first and only add the meat to the pan for a minute or two to warm up, then take it off the heat and serve immediately. (Our Teriyaki Flank Steak with soy sauce, garlic, and ginger would be particularly well suited to either treatment.)

5. Leftover Steak Enchiladas

how to make perfect enchiladas


Cheese- and sauce-smothered enchiladas are perfect for repurposing leftovers of all kinds, and steak is no exception. Since the meat is insulated by the other filling ingredients (like corn and beans) inside the rolled tortillas, it shouldn’t overcook as it heats up. Get the Leftover Steak Enchiladas recipe.

6. Leftover Steak Stroganoff

Easy One-Pot Beef Stroganoff recipe


Strips or chunks of steak just warmed up in a rich sour cream sauce makes for a quick beef Stroganoff to serve over egg noodles, rice, or potatoes. Since you won’t have the browned bits from the steak to deglaze in the pan, add a smidgen of beef bouillon concentrate to it after caramelizing the mushrooms and onions for an extra flavor boost. Get the Leftover Steak Stroganoff recipe.

7. Leftover Steak Burritos

Carnitas-Avocado Breakfast Burrito


You don’t really need a recipe for a steak burrito—you know what you like in there. But you may want to sear it in a pan per this Crispy Steak Burrito recipe. Or you can turn your leftovers into a hearty breakfast burrito with eggs and/or potatoes in the mix.

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8. Leftover Steak Fajitas

Grilled Skirt Steak Fajitas recipe


Again, you could probably figure this one out on your own, but if you want a little assist, check out our Grilled Steak Fajita recipe. Make a half batch of the marinade to cook the onions and peppers in (you probably won’t need it all, but can use the rest on chicken later in the week), then add your sliced leftover steak to the pan just to warm it through before assembling your ultra easy dinner.

9. Leftover Steak and Eggs Benedict

Steak and Eggs Benedict with Béarnaise Sauce


Steak for breakfast (or steak for breakfast-for-dinner) is never a bad idea. Our Steak and Eggs Benedict recipe employs English muffins for a classic base, but you could do potato cakes to nail the side at the same time. And while we top it off with an herby bearnaise, our Easy Blender Hollandaise Sauce recipe is another worthy option.

10. Leftover Steak Hash

Steak and Eggs Hash recipe


Meat and potatoes meet again in this one-pot recipe (though if you want to top it with oozy-yolked eggs, it’s a two-pan job). At the risk of being a broken record, just be sure to only add your steak long enough to warm it through after everything else is done cooking. Then serve with your favorite hot sauce, and maybe a green salad if you’re doing this for dinner. Get our Steak and Eggs Hash recipe.

11. Leftover Steak Noodle Salad

leftover steak noodle salad


Steak salad doesn’t have to involve a bed of greens; quick-cooking rice noodles make a fantastic base for thinly sliced steak, fresh herbs, peanuts, and a spicy-sweet dressing with fish sauce and lime juice. Up to you whether you want to gently warm your leftover meat or not. Get our Steak Rice Noodle Salad recipe.

12. Leftover Steak Potato Skins

Philly Cheesesteak Potato Skins recipe


There’s no reason not to use leftover steak for these loaded potato skins covered in a blanket of melted cheese (provolone, please, though if your heart truly belongs to Cheez Whiz, you do you). These are a perfect game day snack, but they can also be lunch or dinner with a simple salad on the side. Get our Philly Cheesesteak Potato Skins recipe.

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