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Through the magic of the internet, you can have the best New York City deli and bakery goods delivered straight to your door for Rosh Hashanah—or any occasion. Check out our picks from Goldbelly’s impressive roster of New York deli and bakery foods available for shipping nationwide. 

Rosh Hashanah is fast approaching and this is as good a year as any to cast aside our many woes and celebrate a new year and fresh start. Good lord do we need a fresh start.

dem cakesRosh Hashana Honey Cake for a Sweet Start to the New YearSome Rosh Hashanah staple dishes are easy to whip up, like apples and honey, while other traditional foods, knish, challah, chopped liver, and apple cake, aren’t quite as simple if you’ve never made them. We say take the main course head-on—be it brisket, roast chicken, or a lamb leg—but why not call in the big guns for a little something extra special, courtesy of the most famous Jewish bakeries in the land.

Goldbelly, the gourmet online marketplace that sells the best good from some seriously iconic restaurants, houses a roster of Jewish bakeries that will have Bubbe shaking in her slippers. You can get fresh chopped liver from NYC’s famed Russ & Daughters, for instance. Or matzo ball soup and fluffy knishes from Liebman’s in the Bronx. All are made fresh on premise in these world-class delis and bakeries and shipped speedily anywhere in the country. 

For totally authentic appetizers, desserts, and other nibbles and noshes guaranteed to make your Rosh Hashanah spread pop, look to these beloved Jewish delis to deliver the goods this year. 

Breads Bakery Rosh Hashanah Cake Combo, $54.95 on Goldbelly


Breads Bakery soared to the top of the heap of New York’s best bakeries, boasting multiple locations across Manhattan. It’s never a surprise to see lines forming out the door, especially around holidays. Lines are for the birds, though, and with Goldbelly, you can have a trio of the bakery’s famous chocolate babka, apple babka, and special honey cake delivered post-haste. Breads Bakery ensures the cakes are shipped within hours of leaving the oven, too, and they can be frozen upon arrival if necessary.Buy Now

Russ & Daughters Chopped Liver, $16 per pound on Goldbelly


It honestly doesn’t get any more iconic than the Lower East Side’s Russ & Daughters. World-famous for its smoked fish and spreads, Russ & Daughters is another New York institution where lines form almost daily. Skip the line and snag a pound or two of chicken liver to serve with crackers or toast points for all your friends and fam. Buy Now

Liebman’s Deli Matzo Ball Soup, $59 on Goldbelly


Liebman’s Deli has been going strong in the Bronx for more than 60 years and their fluffy matzo ball soup is a big reason why. Get four pints of Liebman’s iconic soup delivered and have the perfect Rosh Hashanah appetizer ready to roll.Buy Now

Butterflake Bakery Challah Rounds, (3-pack), $49.95 on Goldbelly


Challah is the all-important, slightly sweet, slightly savory, fluffy Jewish bread that works for dinner or dessert. These adorable challah rounds come in four varieties: plain, cinnamon, chocolate chip, and raisin. A must-have for any high holiday hang.Buy Now

Russ & Daughters Assorted Hamantaschen, $13 on Goldbelly


Any Jewish person worth their weight in matzo meal will do a backflip when you tell them the triangular cookie they’re eating—one mostly associated with Purim but good any time of year—came from New York’s Russ & Daughters. Talk about a mitzvah.Buy Now

Leibman’s Knishes (6-pack), $69 on Goldbelly


These traditional potato-filled dumplings make another great appetizer or side dish for your holiday feast. Make sure you warm them through since nobody likes a lukewarm knish. Choose from original, spinach-, or kasha-filled knishes or mix and match a variety pack.Buy Now

McClure’s Apple Cake, $30 on Goldbelly


This popular bakery is technically in Pennsylvania but that’s close enough, isn’t it? Rosh Hashanah is all about dem apples but baking is totally hard sometimes. Order up a fluffy and moist Jewish apple cake from McClure’s and spend more time stressing over the brisket instead.Buy Now

Header image courtesy of Goldbelly.

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