If you enjoy food so hot that it makes you convulse, order “spicy” from Ruen Pair—especially the larb. It’s delicious in a painful way, says lmnopm, and it’s especially painful the next day on the salida, if you know what I mean. People who like their Mexican food really hot and eat raw jalapeños often wimp out when presented with food from Ruen Pair.

Chowhounds recommend the famous “Plate O’ Death” at Old Mandarin Islamic. It’s number 29 on the menu, officially called the Pepper Plate. “I eat Thai chili peppers since my family is from Southeast Asia,” says sylphi, “but the Plate O’ Death had me sweating and drinking a lot of water!” Old Mandarin’s “extremely hot pepper” is indeed extremely hot.

Do not mess with the spicy food at the Irving Street branch of Marnee Thai, says Sushi Monster. If you order the chicken wings “really hot” you will likely experience shortness of breath, hyperventilation, profuse sweating, face-flushing, and a slight melting of earwax.

The habanero salsa at Yucatasia has nearly blinded many an intrepid Chowhound. The salsa de barbacoa at El Huarache Azteca is also insanely spicy. It’s served only with the barbacoa (made only on weekends) or by request. “Tastes like habaneros to me,” says Robert Lauriston.

The food at both locations of Thai House Express is some of the spiciest around, the kind you eat just to prove you can. The tom yum soup is probably the spiciest thing, says lucymom, and since it’s soup, it will permeate every nerve in your mouth, rendering it completely numb to any other flavors. Other hounds label the spice level of the food here “scary.”

The “extra extra spicy” level at Osha Thai Noodle Café is labeled “XXX” on the menu, and for good reason. It’s as spicy as anything wanderlust21 had in Thailand. Some may find it inedible. Enjoy!

Ruen Pair [East Bay]
1045 San Pablo Avenue, Albany

Old Mandarin Islamic a.k.a. Old Mandarin Restaurant [Sunset]
3132 Vicente Street, San Francisco

Marnee Thai [Sunset]
2225 Irving Street, San Francisco

Yucatasia [Mission]
2164 Mission Street, San Francisco

El Huarache Azteca [East Bay]
3842 International Boulevard, Oakland

Thai House Express [Tenderloin]
901 Larkin Street, San Francisco

Thai House Express [Castro]
599 Castro Street, San Francisco

Osha Thai Noodle Café [Tenderloin]
696 Geary Street, San Francisco

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