The Daily Mail features a gritty image of Gordon Ramsay hauling a dead (or extremely relaxed) deer through his London restaurant. The entertaining shot is courtesy of season three of The F Word, a British TV series that brings the volatile celebrity chef in contact with various things that might provoke some kind of extreme reaction (guns, frozen lakes, rotten shark meat), and then films the results.

Presumably there is a lot of swearing.

The interesting thing about the “shocking” deer photo is that it points up the basic disconnect between modern carnivores and the animals they eat. The average restaurant-goer can discriminate between dozens of cuts of meat but may have never personally handled anything more lifelike than a plucked dead chicken. No hunting, no killing, no butchering, no blood and offal and all the good stuff that goes into turning a live animal into a delicious Wagyu carpaccio or quail stuffed with black truffle sausage.

Maybe having a guy haul a dead animal through a dining room now and again isn’t a bad reminder that something with a life and personality has been slaughtered in order to make that yum-o wild boar ragù we enjoy so much.

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