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Chowhound’s very own Editor-at-Large Joey Skladany just released his first cookbook, “Basic Bitchen,” an ode to the basic—and hungry—bitch in your life. Armed with his millennial pink cookbook, you’ll master the ever-basic avocado toast, mark mornings by spooning an açai bowl, and bake cookie butter-stuffed s’mores. 

And while you’ve probably got many of the tools and appliances you need in your kitchen to watch these recipes unfold, Joey’s teaming up with Williams Sonoma to offer you the opportunity to win ten of his “Basic Bitchen” must-haves. We’re talking wine openers, a retro Smeg toaster, and, of course, millennial pink spatulas. That—and so much more—is on the table to get sent to you; just enter to win the sweepstakes (a $995 value!) through Oct. 15, 2020. 

Check out the rest of Joey’s top 10 “Basic Bitchen” must-haves, then keep reading to see what we’re most excited about winning. In the meantime, register to hear Joey talk all things basic with friends Taylor Strecker, Emma Willmann, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Ms. Juicy for a virtual book party on Sept. 4, 2020. It’s sure to be plenty basic and bitchin’.  

Roby Dobner Zodiac Mug, $12.95 at Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma

Astrology professes that the sun determines your identity, the moon your emotions and moods—a Virgo sun the reason you can never choose between this and that, a Scorpio sun marked by brave, yet stubborn traits. So why not show off your beloved zodiac sign with one of these witty monogram mugs?Buy Now

Weck Mold Jars, Set of 6, $39.95 at Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma

Bowls are so last year. Only basics eat everything from jars—salads, overnight oats, chia pudding—and these Weck jars are just as cute as they are utilitarian.Buy Now

Nutribullet Pro 900 Personal Blender, $79.95 at Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma

Blitz and blend just about everything with this Nutribullet blender, complete with two lidded cups, a twist-on extractor blade, and 900 watts of power. The compact size means it takes up very little space in the kitchen, and even better, it’s dishwasher safe.Buy Now

Header image courtesy of Williams Sonoma.

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