Given Danny DeVito’s now-legendary appearance on The View, it’s not the biggest surprise to learn that he is the latest celebrity to slap his name on a bottle of liquor.

What I do find surprising, however, is the liquor he chose to endorse. Although Gawker claims limoncello is what got DeVito so stinko—I couldn’t really tell that from watching, I thought he slurred out something about Lemon Drops—it seems like an odd tipple choice for DeVito.

I get the whole Italian connection, but I still would have thought that a big Barolo or a stout bottle of hard-charging whiskey would have been more up his alcoholic alley. Not this delicate, creamy liqueur that is perfumed with the zest of Sorrento lemons from the Amalfi Coast.

But hey, I guess I should credit the guy for showing discerning taste. Plus, as PR Newswire would have it, DeVito was drawn to this particular venture because as a kid in New Jersey, he and his friends charged a nickel a glass for “the best lemonade you ever tasted.” In any case, DeVito has teamed up with Harbrew Imports to distribute this ambrosia, $23.99 per 750-milliliter bottle.

Over at San Francisco food blog Hedonia, Sean has a delectable step-by-step explaining how to make your own limoncello. What tickled me most about his write-up was the algebraic equation he devised to explain the process:


To wit: Limoncello is the product of lemon zest and vodka of a given proof, left together for a quantity of time, after which you strain out the zest; to which you then add a simple syrup of sugar and water and let it rest again for a period of time to mellow and blend. How much of each of those variables is what drives your final product.

I’ll take a nontrivial linear combination of that any day.

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