Ninety-nine cents for dim sum? Yes, it’s possible at Yum Cha Café, an eat-in/take-out place tucked into the southeast corner of the San Gabriel Superstore, says monku.

There are no carts here; it’s more like a McDonald’s experience. Grab a number, and when it’s your turn, either use the fill-in menu to check off your choices or point and pick.

Most of the dim sum items are 99 cents per order, and there’s more variety than you’ll see at any dim sum restaurant. Their steamed black bean spareribs are meatier than any at the high-end dim sum places, with no taro filler. Some of the other items may be smaller and not up to the standards of said high-end dim sum places (not to mention the disposable plates and chopsticks), but for 99 cents each, you’re doing pretty well.

For less than $10 two people can easily have a dim sum feast. Tea (jasmine or black) is 25 cents. There’s also other stuff, like noodle soups and jook (rice porridge), $2.99 for a bowl big enough for two. For $3.99, pick up a plate lunch with rice and barbecue items.

Make sure to also pick up some of their brown sugar rice cakes, adds ipsedixit—they’re addictive. Ask for bok tung gao.

Hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day, with dim sum all day long. It gets pretty crowded at peak times, but weekday mornings are relatively tame.

Yum Cha Café [San Gabriel Valley]
Inside the San Gabriel Superstore, 1635 S. San Gabriel Boulevard, San Gabriel

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