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Here at Chowhound, we certainly can’t get enough of culinary TV shows. We’ve followed David Chang around the world on “Ugly Delicious,” rooted for local chefs during even the most absurd “Chopped” challenges, and guffawed at the baking fails on “Nailed It!” Which is why we’re so excited to announce that our very own editor-at-large, Joey Skladany, is the host of a new celebrity cooking show. 

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The show, called “Dish This,” premiered on August 4 on the AwesomenessTV YouTube channel and the second installment is out now. During each episode, Joey is primed to judge two social celebrities who’ve been tasked with properly crafting a dish from the pages of Joey’s new cookbook, “Basic Bitchen.” But here’s the kicker: The contestants will only be given an image of the final product, relying on their wit, culinary know-how, and skills in the kitchen to replicate the dish at hand.   

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“As a professional eater and not a professional chef, I wanted to put out a cookbook that was both approachable and fun,” Joey says. “This is exactly the type of tone we’re taking with the show, and I so appreciate the contestants’ eagerness to not only win, but advance their skills in the kitchen.”

Davide Luciano

The contestants, who include a host of TikTok stars, Internet comedians, and even a bona fide contortionist, like Noah Beck, Griffin Johnson, Brittany Broski, and Sarah Schauer, are thrown into different challenges that, when completed, come with coveted rewards. For example, a win could mean getting a tip that’ll help them complete the recipe—or provide them with the means to sabotage their competitor. Once the dishes are complete, Joey will judge each one based on the correct ingredients used, presentation, and, of course, creativity.

“Laughing at mistakes is encouraged,” Joey says. “Lord knows I still chop garlic like I’m wearing press-on nails, so I’d say I’m not here to judge…except I am the judge.”

Catch the first and second installments now:

Recipes from each episode will also live on the AwesomenessTV TikTok, so viewers at home can be inspired to recreate Joey’s famous cauliflower crust pizza and easy pork dumplings in the comfort of their own kitchen. “Basic Bitchen” is also on sale now, so get your copy today!

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Header image courtesy of Joey Skladany.

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