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As much as we don’t want to admit it, we are absolutely still in the middle of a pandemic. Sure, many cities across the U.S. are in the midst of reopening, but a host of states are seeing an unprecedented surge in cases where cities were opened far too early and social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines were not enforced. So as many Americans continue to eschew rules for comfort, it’s time we go back to the basics: Along with wearing a mask when social distancing is not possible, it’s equally important to wash your hands as often as possible and generously apply hand sanitizer when you’re out and about.

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So with that in mind, here are some well-reviewed, highly ranked, and personally recommended and approved hand soaps, hand sanitizers, and hand creams (to liberally aid your dry hands) to stock up on as the world continues to battle COVID-19. 

Pink Grapefruit Hand Soap, $13.96 at Sur La Table

Sur La Table

This exclusive hand soap from Sur La Table is made from grapefruit, mandarin, apple, and gardenia. It’s chic enough to find a home in either the bathroom or the kitchen, squeezed into a squat glass bottle.Buy Now

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Dr. Bronners 24-Ounce Organic Pump Soap, $13.99 at Walmart


This lavender soap is actually 4-in-1: It can cleanse your hands, face, body, and hair. The formula is swirled with white grape juice that helps nourish the skin, leaving your hands nice and soft.Buy Now

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Kitchen Basics Set, $10.90 on Amazon


Keep your kitchen—and yourself—clean with this cleaning bundle, replete with a bottle of dish soap, hand soap, and multi-surface everyday cleaner in a floral lavender scent.Buy Now

Pre de Provence Artisanal French Soap Bar, $4.99 on Amazon


It’s not just antibacterial soap that’s effective in scrubbing down coronavirus molecules. In fact, any soap will do, like this bar soap enriched with shea butter that comes in a variety of scents, like coconut, raspberry, and spiced rum. Buy Now

J.R. Watkins Neroli & Thyme Liquid Hand Soap, $3.99 at Target


A natural, plant-based, cruelty-free soap, J.R. Watkins’ formula swaps parabens for essential oils. The soap doesn’t dry your hands out, but keeps them feeling smooth and soft all day. (The pleasant scent is an added bonus!)Buy Now

Lemongrass Ginger Hand Lotion, $12.95 at Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma

This hand lotion by Williams Sonoma boasts five stars across the board, with happy customers reporting, “Although you can pay much more for hand lotion, you cannot find one that is nicer. Creamy, not greasy, but very effective.”Buy Now

Pura D’Or Hand Sanitizer Gel, 2 Pack for $19.99

Keep these 16-ounce hand sanitizer bottles by the door—so you can press one or two pumps in your hand as soon as you walk in. This version is said to kill 99 percent of germs and comes with a fresh lemongrass scent. Buy Now

Bare Hands Hand Sanitizer Gel, 4 Pack for $13.99 at Walmart


Everyone needs a few travel-sized hand sanitizers, made to kill 99.9% of bacteria. Keep one in your bag, one in the car, and one in your coat pocket when you’re on the go.Buy Now

J.R. Watkins Cleansing Rosewater Hand Elixir, $9.99 at Ulta


This naturally derived, no-rinse hand cleanser moisturizes skin, guaranteeing softer, smoother  hands. Its small size means you can toss it in a bag and use it when you’re away from home—but it’s not to be conflated with hand sanitizer. This is excellent for curing dry hands or to clean your hands when you’re in a pinch.Buy Now  

Be Sure to Properly Care for Your Face Covering Too

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