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Cast iron is like an old friend who never lets you down. Not flashy but remarkably consistent, doing all the important things you really need like keeping it together when things get heated. In fact, cast iron handles heat about as good as any other cooking material making it a must-have in the kitchen, especially if you regularly make steaks, burgers, and other meats that appreciate a good hot seer. Lodge is one of the best-known—if not the best-known—producer of cast iron, and right now Amazon has a slew of its most popular cookware on sale. That includes skillets, grill pans, Dutch ovens, and a few handy accessories. There are good deals to be had and just like an old friend, if you care for your cast iron properly, it’ll reward you handsomely year after year.  

Lodge 10.5-Inch Cast Iron Grill Pan, $20 (originally $42) on Amazon


Save for an actual grill, there’s no better candidate for cooking steaks and burgers than a cast iron grill pan. If you want seared steaks beyond outdoor grill season, this cast iron pan would be a good one to add to your collection. To achieve that crispy, caramelized smashed burger result, add this Lodge cast iron grill pressalso just $20 right now. Buy Now

 Lodge 12-Inch Carbon Steel Skillet, $32 (originally $50) on Amazon


You might be surprised at how many professional chefs choose carbon steel as their day-to-day cookware. Like cast iron, it handles and retains heat exceedingly well, but it’s lighter and easier to manage in a fast-paced kitchen. This 12-inch skillet is a steal at $32 and comes preseasoned and ready to rock.Buy Now

Lodge 3-Quart Enameled Cast Iron Casserole with Lid, $70 (originally $90) on Amazon


Lodge also makes quality enameled cast iron and one of its casserole dishes glazed in Caribbean blue is $20 off during the Amazon sale. The tight-fitting lid allows you to stew and braise in the versatile dish but it also makes a perfect vessel for any baked casserole or holiday side. Go straight from the oven and onto the table for serving. Buy Now

Lodge Preseasoned Cast Iron Combo Cooker, $40 (originally $62) on Amazon


This two-piece set includes a traditional skillet to sear steaks, chicken and burgers but also a high-walled Dutch oven for braising stews, soups and vegetables. The skillet fits snugly over the pot so you can cook food covered if you need. It’s a perfect combo set to bring camping, and both pans are preseasoned and ready to go. Buy Now

Header image courtesy of Lodge.

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