Chip Brantley has a problem. It’s not a bad problem—it’s the sort of problem you or I would love to have. Lucky Chip opened his front door this week to a delivery of an entire box of Meyer lemons. Now, what to do with them?

As he explains on the blog Cookthink, the box comes from kind friends in California, who picked the lemons off their tree and sent them to him in Massachusetts (we should all have kind friends in California with Meyer lemon trees). According to Chip, “it was the single coolest piece of mail we’ve ever received.”

But what to do with a box of Meyer lemons? (Again, we should all have such a problem.) Chip opens it up to readers, who sent him suggestions—everything from limoncello and lemon granité to fried lemon slices (à la the DC restaurant Palena) and an intriguing-sounding salty Meyer lemon cake.

Chip has a couple of very fragrant and fun hours in the kitchen in front of him. I’m just wondering how I can manage to get to know his California lemon friends before next year’s citrus season rolls around …

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