how to grill lobster tail, shrimp, oysters, crab, and other shellfish

Grilling is a soft science, but there are definitely some important rules to stick to. Unfortunately, those rules tend to morph just a bit depending on what you’re actually grilling. Steaks and burgers, for instance, typically need the hottest part of the grill to take on that coveted seer without overcooking the middle. Vegetables, especially those wrapped in foil, may be better off in a cooler quadrant of your gas or charcoal grill to get a more even cook throughout.

meat cuteEverything You Need to Know About Grilling MeatWe’ve got some serious how-to on grilling that we’re proud to share, but Google took a look at exactly what items grillers in each U.S. state were uniquely searching to make this summer. Some are no big surprise, like how to grill grouper queries from coastal Floridians or how to grill oysters by folks in Washington, one of the country’s biggest producers. But some shockers made the list too, like landlocked North Dakotans wondering how to grill salmon and equally ocean-deficient Ohioans wondering the best way to grill crab legs. Both data points begs the question: “Where are they even getting this seafood?” Perhaps from one of our favorite seafood delivery companies of 2020. Just a guess.

Vegetarian grill options abounded too, with corn landing on the list a whopping eight times. That’s good because we’ve got the ultimate guide to grilling corn locked and loaded for your summer BBQ.

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Uniquely Searched “How to Grill” item in Each U.S. State

Note that the term “uniquely searched” means when a state searched for something more than all of the U.S. Results from June 18 – June 25.

  • Alabama – squash
  • Alaskapineapple
  • Arizona – lobster tail
  • Arkansascorn on the cob
  • Californiatri-tip
  • Colorado – corn
  • Connecticut – lobster tails
  • Delaware – perfect steak
  • Washington, D.C. – eggplant
  • Florida –  grouper
  • Georgia – lobster tail
  • Hawaii – eggplant
  • Idahohamburgers
  • Illinois – lobster tails
  • Indiana – pork chops
  • Iowa – asparagus
  • Kansas – corn on the cob
  • Kentucky – pineapple
  • Louisiana – husk-on corn
  • Mainesalmon
  • Maryland – tuna steaks
  • Massachusetts – swordfish
  • Michigan brats
  • Minnesota – corn on the cob
  • Mississippi – steak
  • Missouri – corn on the cob
  • Montanapineapple
  • Nebraska – chicken breast
  • Nevada – tri-tip
  • New Hampshire – swordfish
  • New Jersey filet mignon
  • New Mexico – chicken thighs
  • New York – clams
  • North Carolina – mahi-mahi
  • North Dakota – salmon
  • Ohio – crab legs
  • Oklahoma – baby back ribs
  • Oregon – tri-tip
  • Pennsylvania – filet mignon
  • Rhode Island – swordfish
  • South Carolina – hamburgers
  • South Dakota – corn on the cob
  • Tennessee – zucchini
  • Texas – lobster tail
  • Utah – steak
  • Vermont – salmon
  • Virginia – tuna steaks
  • Washington – oysters
  • West Virginia burgers
  • Wisconsinchicken breast
  • Wyoming – corn on the cob

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