Tempaper Self-Adhesive Wallpaper in Tropical Jungle
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With coronavirus making travel a tricky and even potentially dangerous prospect this year, we’re embracing the summer staycation. All week (and all summer) long, we’ll bring you transportive flavors and travel-inspired ideas from around the world, so you can take your tastebuds on a trip and give your mind a mini vacation while you’re still at home. Here, find tropical decor to give your space a laid-back vacay vibe all year long.

Whether you add one or two little touches or go all-out tropical oasis, these fun and fabulous items will bring a piece of paradise into your own home.

Potted Bird of Paradise, $150 from Bloomscape

Bloomscape Potted Bird of Paradise


One of the best ways to make your place say “Welcome to the jungle” is to add plants, and plenty of them. This tall, glossy, dark green bird of paradise has a major impact, and you can choose from four shades of eco-friendly pot, including this beachy blue. Bloomscape also offers smaller plants like this colorful bromeliad and even a miniature pineapple plant—so you can choose the perfect specimen for your space, or create an entire indoor garden.Buy Now

Blue Pheasant Palm Leaf Melamine Plates, 4 for $42-$56 from Food52

Blue Pheasant Palm Leaf Melamine Plates


Continue the palm leaf theme on your plates; if you like a little more color, try this Hawaiian inspired floral design, or go with the more monochromatic style shown above. Either way, you’re getting shatterproof melamine, which means they’re ideal for taking outside—particularly perfect if you have a patio or balcony space, but they’ll be just as cute on the dining table too.Buy Now

W&P Large Brass Pineapple Tumbler with Straw, $99 from Food52

W&P Large Brass Pineapple Tumbler with Straw


Yeah, you can make yourself a pineapple cocktail and serve it in an actual pineapple at home, but this is way easier, and looks cute on your bookshelf in between drinks as a bonus. If it’s a bit too expensive for your taste, try these gold pineapple swizzle sticks for similar island flair at a way gentler price point.Buy Now

Tempaper Self-Adhesive Wallpaper in Tropical Jungle, $98 from Food52

Tempaper Self-Adhesive Wallpaper in Tropical Jungle


If you really want to go big, take your pick of tropic-inspired temporary wallpaper, from feathery palm prints and bold hoja plant graphics to flocks of pink flamingos and the above floral and leaf design with a subtle watercolor effect. Cover an accent wall, an entire room, or just line your shelves; it’s safe to use in the bathroom too, since it’s steam- and water-proof—and when you’re over it (or moving out), removing it is easy.Buy Now

Gale Switzer for Deny Tropical State Duvet Cover, $129-$169 from Urban Outfitters

Gale Switzer for Deny Tropical State Duvet Cover

Urban Outfitters

Switching out your sheets is a lot less hassle than putting up wallpaper, and going with a lush tropical print could make lounging in bed almost as nice as lounging on the beach. This splashy orchid number is just one option; shop around for plenty of variations, including palms with wildlife if you like to monkey around.Buy Now

Cat Coquillette for Deny Tropical Fan Outdoor Pillow, $39 from Urban Outfitters

Cat Coquiellette for Deny Tropical Fan Outdoor Pillow

Urban Outfitters

This frond-festooned pillow is a minimalist gold masterpiece—and while it’s fit for outdoor use, there’s no reason you can’t also use it inside. If you’re not so much about toning things down, check out this four-pack of vibrant pillows with birds and blooms; on a neutral couch, they’d stand out without overwhelming the room.Buy Now

Nito Hurricane Candle Holder, $34.99 from Williams Sonoma

Nito Hurricane Candle Holder

Williams Sonoma

This hand-blown glass candle holder (big enough for a 3-inch candle) is accented with woven nito, a sustainable, tropical vine in the fern family. It brings a nice organic bit of texture that works with almost any existing decor.Buy Now

Outdoor Blue Stripe Highball Glasses, 6 for $59.95 from Williams Sonoma

Outdoor Blue Stripe Highball Glasses

Williams Sonoma

Tiki glasses can be cute in a kitschy way, but these watery tumblers evoke the tropics in a manner that’s just plain pretty. Stare into the shades of blue and imagine it’s a Caribbean sea. And don’t worry about dropping them, because they’re scratch- and shatter-proof (and dishwasher-safe).Buy Now

Bright Ceramicist Vases, $15-$60 from West Elm

Bright Ceramicist Vases

West Elm

Vibrant pops of saturated color fit right into a tropical scheme, and these vases come in an array of sizes and shades, but the coral, turquoise, and sunny yellow are especially apt for our purposes.Buy Now

The Emily & Meritt Palm Floor Lamp, $303 from Pottery Barn Teen

The Emily & Meritt Palm Floor Lamp

Pottery Barn Teen

Shed a little light on the situation with a palm tree lamp. It’s a bold and brassy choice (literally). And you’ll never need to fear falling coconuts.Buy Now

Watercolor Tropical Shower Curtain, $49 from Urban Outfitters

Watercolor Tropical Shower Curtain

Urban Outfitters

Why not keep the theme going in the bathroom too? It is appropriately steamy in there after all—but turn the cold tap on full blast and you can pretend you’re standing under a tropical waterfall surrounded by lush foliage.Buy Now

52-Inch McCall Tropical Ceiling Fan, $122.99 from Wayfair

52-Inch McCall Tropical Ceiling Fan


Lucky enough to have a lanai (or at least a small porch)? Install this fan with reversible blades for a resort look and a little extra airflow. It also works indoors, as long as you don’t need overhead light.Buy Now

Okaloosa Natural Fiber Tufted Turquoise Area Rug, $78.99+ from Wayfair

Okaloosa Natural Fiber Tufted Turquoise Area Rug


This jute and sisal rug with a simple geometric design is available in multiple sizes—try a runner to set a tropical tone as soon as you walk in the door, or go with a larger option for any room that needs a bigger splash of color.Buy Now

Dugan Tropics Jungle Pouf Ottoman, $124.99 from Wayfair

Dugan Tropics Jungle Pouf Ottoman


Use this as an extra seat or a place to rest your feet, indoors or out (the Sunbrella fabric is fade- and mildew-resistant). The contrast piping in coral pink is a fantastic detail.Buy Now

Bamboo Frame Torey Armchair, $149.99 from World Market

Bamboo Frame Torey Armchair

World Market

This retro-chic chair is sleek enough to go with whatever furniture you already own, but instantly adds a vacation vibe. (And it’s cheaper than this jungle-green velvet chaise that mimics the shape of a tropical leaf.)Buy Now

Yassi’s Place Monstera Leaf Print Set, 3 for $18+ on Etsy

Yassi's Place Monstera Leaf Print Set

Yassi’s Place/Etsy

If you like the look of plants but don’t have a green thumb, these lush art prints will never fail you. You can choose to have them delivered as digital files if you like a little DIY, or have them printed on paper or canvas in several different sizes.Buy Now

Flamingo Silicone Ice Pop Molds, $16.95 from Williams Sonoma

Flamingo Silicone Ice Pop Molds

Williams Sonoma

Unfortunately, tropical heat isn’t unheard of even in the urban jungle, so you’ll need a way to cool off. If you don’t have space for a kiddie pool, you can always eat ice pops—if they’re bubble tea ice pops, Mexican paletas, or halo-halo pops, all the better. These flamingo shaped molds might make them taste even more amazing, but aesthetically, they’re also ideal for rosé wine pops.Buy Now

Rattan Bar Cart, $598 from West Elm

Rattan Bar Cart

West Elm

This handmade rattan bar cart evokes a vintage tropical resort, and is the perfect place to hold all your tiki drink supplies. Roll it outside for the afternoon, then back in for a charming and functional accent piece. (This rattan bar cart is far more affordable, though currently out of stock; you can sign up to be notified when it’s back.) Don’t forget to keep your copy of “Tiki: Modern Tropical Cocktails” close at hand!Buy Now

Justina Blakeney Yala Mirror, $198 from Anthropologie

Justina Blakeney Yala Mirror


The sunburst shape and woven fibers of this cheeky mirror perfectly embody the jungalow style (which makes sense, as the designer, Justina Blakeney, trademarked it). You’ll be checking yourself out far more often just to get a glimpse of this fun frame.Buy Now

Tropical Rattan Candle in Oasis, $24 from Anthropologie

Tropical Rattan Candle in Oasis


Evocative scents can instantly transport you, and this little number’s fragrance notes are “orange, pineapple, and mango with a woody base,” which sounds like somewhere we’d definitely like to be. We’re also tempted by these Brazilian Orchid, Polynesian Pineapple, and Blue Lagoon scents…but the fact that the one above comes wrapped in rattan absolutely gives it an edge.Buy Now

Build Your Own Tropical Fruit Box, $129 from Tropical Fruit Box

Build Your Own Tropical Fruit Box

Tropical Fruit Box

While you’re lounging around in your new environs, why not enjoy an actual taste of the tropics to complete the illusion? This company offers boxes of single variety produce (pineapples, mangoes, Korean melons), and a tropical combo box—but you can also create your own collection from a plethora of enticing options, including breadfruit, guava, papaya, apple bananas, dragon fruit, longan, lychee, Key limes, and mamey. It’ll be hard to pick which six you want (though you can choose as few as three fruit types if you know what you like)!Buy Now

Check out Miami Fuit for even more tropical options.

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