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In honor of “Hamilton” coming to Disney+ this week, take your shot—a “Hamilton”-themed shot from “Break an Egg! The Broadway Cookbook,” to be exact.

Since it began at the Public Theater in New York City, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit musical, “Hamilton,” has made its front row available to lucky lottery winners for an easy $10. (The very bill that Alexander Hamilton, first U.S. Treasury Secretary, appears on. A Hamilton for “Hamilton,” get it?)

Come July 3, anyone with access to streaming media can have a “Hamilton” experience that’s closer to the action for even less than that. A filmed performance of the award-winning Broadway show featuring most of the original cast was set to be released to movie theaters in October 2021. In light of the current pandemic, and because Miranda always proves to be a stellar human on and off the stage, it will be available beginning July 3 on Disney+, just in time for the 244th anniversary of U.S. independence, whose events “Hamilton” brilliantly recounts.

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Now that we’ve resolved the issue of what you’ll be doing on July 3, on to another matter: What will you be drinking? If you want to keep it contextual, a sip of Madeira would echo what Hamilton, Jefferson, Washington et al were likely toasting with at the Declaration signing.

Another way to get aptly fortified for your “Hamilton” viewing comes courtesy of Tara Theoharis, author of the upcoming cookbook “Break an Egg! The Broadway Cookbook.”

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Taking cues from lyrics, characters, and occasionally straight from the action, the book features recipes inspired by over 50 musicals, from classic to contemporary. (My first musical obsession was Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Oklahoma!” and I will be trying one of Laurey’s Prize-Winning Tarts to see if they are in fact light enough to be structurally compromised by a slight breeze.)

The “Hamilton” entry in the cookbook is simply called “My Shot,” named for one of the first act’s catchiest numbers and recurring themes: I am not throwing away my shot/ I am not throwing away my shot/ And yo I’m just like my country/ I’m young, scrappy, and hungry/ And I’m not throwing away my shot.

Image used with permission from Insight Editions

Image used with permission from Insight Editions

So…time to take a shot! You can decide for yourself which of the character-inspired recipes will be your shot: a Caribbean and coffee-based Alexander, a satisfying Angelica, or a tea-infused King George, among them. In all Theoharis provides six character developed recipes to choose from, with clever rationale for each as to why the shot fits. A favorite, Aaron Burr’s honey-infused bourbon-based shot takes a day to make, because, as Burr himself suggests, he’s willing to wait for it.

Several of the recipes are batched to provide numerous shots, or for a cocktail-sized drink in case you’re feeling particularly civilized and would rather sip than shoot—a lesson learned the unfortunate way by Hamilton.

Header image courtesy of Insight Editions.

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