butterchicken2nan remembers when, while growing up in Scotland, celery used to be a creamy yellow color, rather than the opaque green commonly seen in supermarkets in the United States. Didn’t celery used to be more the color of, well, Campbell’s Cream of Celery Soup?

Other former subjects of the British Empire also agree that celery is, or used to be, yellow. And pepper_mil, writing from China, notes that the celery available there is yellow and narrow with leafy stalks. It’s delicious. HollyDolly and others confirm that it’s sunlight that turns celery green. Veggies like celery and asparagus can be grown in a sort of tube, or packed in extra soil, to keep the sunlight off, and hence keep the green pigment from showing up. The visual effect is lovely, and the finished product seems to be less stringy.

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