It’s actually possible to get a bargain at Providence—by reserving the restaurant’s “worst table,” which knocks 10 percent off your bill, says Diana.

And as for the worst table, it’s not half bad. A two-top in the room to the left of the entrance, the table is on the right side as you exit to the patio, and near the sommelier/bus station, although shielded from it by a wall.

Diana had the chef’s tasting menu, whose 15 or so courses included raw scallops with purple shiso, female Santa Barbara spot prawns baked in a rosemary-salt crust, Berkshire pork belly, and white chocolate–cardamon lollipops.

“We were there from 7:30 PM to past midnight, spoke to wonderful people next to us, had great people watching, had our picture taken and ate an amazing meal. Had I gotten the chef’s table, I would have had the amazing meal, but not any of the other stuff!”

The final tally, with corkage and sparkling water, was $430 before tip (which was based on the prediscount bill, of course).

Providence [Hollywood]
5955 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

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