It’s one thing to design your own label, quite another to design your own wine.

While there are plenty of home-brewed beer buffs out there, making your own wine in the United States has been a lot less popular. (Can you say plonk?) But last weekend NPR reported on a San Francisco company that will help you make your own high-end wine—a whole barrel of it.

Crushpad founder Michael Brill is a bit of a wine nut himself: He dug out his San Francisco backyard and planted the whole thing with Pinot Noir grapes. That alone qualifies him to help clients choose the grapes (sourced from California, Oregon, and Washington), the process, and the packaging for their very own varietal that Crushpad produces in its state-of-the-art winery.

The service isn’t cheap. It costs between $5,000 and $13,000 for a barrel, or around $17 to $42 per bottle. But Brill promises that the quality of wine you’ll be getting is worth about twice the price. Whether you’re a budding wine entreprenuer or just a regular joe with $5,000 to burn, you too can achieve your dream of 25 cases of Château Moi. In the NYC area and interested? Crushpad’s website says it’s hosting an open house on April 28.

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