classic Cosmopolitcan cocktail recipe
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Sure, your local watering hole may be closed during quarantine, but that doesn’t mean your personal bar has permanently shuttered. And it seems like America has taken advantage of that fact by repurposing that bar cart into a bona fide mixology station: Google Trends has revealed that America is plenty searching for cocktails to make at home, transforming all that leftover gin and vermouth into DIY martinis—lemon twist and all. 

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Google has also unveiled the most popular drink that’s been searched in every state during the last 30 days. So if you’re wondering what drink tops your state—and how your state compares to the rest of the country—read on. 

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The Old Fashioned comes in first place, with seven states, plus Washington D.C., looking to figure out how to properly stir this classic cocktail. It seems like folks in Idaho, Iowa, Maryland, North Dakota, and West Virginia have a surplus of vodka, triple sec, and lime juice—which they’ve thoughtfully swirled into a Kamikaze. And those in Michigan, Rhode Island, and Vermont are curling up with a pink-hued Cosmopolitan—Carrie Bradshaw-style—opting for that rich cranberry flavor. 

Wondering what your state’s top searched cocktail is? Check out the full list below, then get down to becoming your own resident mixologist—primed and prepped to shake and stir that cocktail to bartender glory. 

Uniquely Searched Cocktails by State, Past 30 Days

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