Pei loves kabocha squash any way she can get it, and now she’s come up with a way to use it as the basis of a Japanese-style curry sauce to eat with udon, saying the kabocha acts as the thickener you’d typically use a mix for.

But most important is the udon, she says. In the past, only dried and vacuum-packed udon were available. Now, most Asian markets sell frozen udon, and it’s surprisingly excellent. The noodles have a nice bounce to them, and while they’re done as soon as you heat them through, they’re very hard to overcook even if you leave them in simmering water for 10 minutes.

Here’s Pei’s recipe:

4 slices kabocha squash

Half an onion, quartered
Half a carrot (or up to a whole carrot)
1 teaspoon curry powder

Simmer the vegetables in just enough water to cover them, and cook until soft. Pour the vegetables and half a cup of the cooking liquid into a blender and blend. Add water as needed to bring the mixture to a curry sauce consistency. Add a teaspoon of curry powder or more to taste, and salt and pepper to taste. Put two frozen blocks of udon in hot water just to melt them enough that you can break them apart and add them to the curry. Add any extras (e.g., cubes of tofu, chicken, vegetables, or mushrooms) you want to now.

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