blini with caviar and smoked salmon
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A seafood brunch for Mother’s Day just might be your ace in the hole. From fresh fish to smoked salmon, and even decadent caviar, we’ve got the scoop on the best places to order seafood online for Mother’s Day this year.

If your mom is anything like mine, she’s had an especially trying last few weeks fielding calls from her panic-stricken, hypochondriac children looking for explanations on, well, everything that’s going on. Moms have a way of helping us keep ourselves together and we’d be crazy not to acknowledge them for it. One surefire way to show love for mom this year—at least on that one designated Sunday in May—is with an elegant Mother’s Day seafood brunch chock full of her favorites.

More for momThese Chocolate Subscriptions Are Mother's Day GoldOnline seafood purveyors like Fulton Fish Market and SizzleFish have all the accouterments for said seafood-focused Mother’s Day meal, from fresh fish to fine caviar, smoked salmon and a whole lot more. Even if you’re not Le Cordon Bleu-trained, adding a teaspoon of paddlefish caviar over a poached egg or some fine gravlax or smoked salmon to toasted bagels can make Mother’s Day feel really special. Or go for a big lobster roll lunch or fancy grilled fish spread on Mother’s Day, with fresh cod, tuna or wild salmon. Best of all, nothing pairs better with seafood than cold, bubbly Champagne.

Many of the seafood purveyors listed can still get your seafood shipment out in time for Mother’s Day but, times being what they are, we’d suggest confirming with a real live person or live chat-bot before placing your final order. Here are our top seafood picks to snazz up brunch this Mother’s Day.

Pastrami-Smoked Salmon, $12 on Fulton Fish Market

Smoked salmon gets a deli kick from traditional pastrami spices. Perfect between a bagel with cream cheese and sliced onion.Buy Now

Paddlefish Caviar, $62 on Fulton Fish Market

Fulton Fish Market

Caviar is the height of elegance and a perfect boon to Mother’s Day brunch. Serve as is with blinis or work it into other brunch fare by scooping over scrambled eggs, eggs Benedict, or quiche. Paddlefish is a smooth, mild caviar and perfect for groups and those who don’t eat caviar as regularly.Buy Now

Smoked Wild Mackerel, $74 on SizzleFish


This smoked fish is wild-caught in cold North Atlantic waters and hot smoked with zesty pepper seasoning. Perfect to serve with good bagels and capers or beside a fancy French omelet. Or simply lay them out with crackers and chilled white wine to snack on before the meal. Comes in a pack of six 6-ounce fillets.Buy Now

Lobster Roll Kit, $168 on Lobster Anywhere

Lobster Anywhere

I can’t think of a more fun Mother’s Day feast than lobster rolls. This kit comes with two full pounds of fresh lobster meat shipped directly from Maine, eight split-top rolls, five ounces of Maine sea salt butter and some saltwater taffy. Serve with Cape Cod potato chips and cold white wine and you’re in business. The whole kit ships for free in about two days time.Buy Now

Fresh Fish Subscription from Wild Alaskan Company


Why not go all out and get mom a subscription to keep fresh fish coming to her every month. Securing good seafood is tricky, depending on where you live, but smart companies like Wild Alaskan Company make it easier than ever with lightning fast logistics. It’s a truly perfect gift for a seafood-loving mom and one that keeps on giving throughout the year. You can choose from salmon-only boxes, mixed fish boxes, or a combination of both. Monthly shipments of fish (frozen at “peak freshness”) start at $132 per month for 12 6-ounce portions. You can skip months or pause your membership anytime, for no extra charge.  Buy Now

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