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For those seeking some variety in their chocolate addiction, a chocolate subscription box or chocolate-of-the-month club is the best way to keep a steady flow of cocoa creations arriving at your door, monthly. Check out these amazing chocolate subscription services available in 2020.

Getting a surprise gift in the mail is sheer joy, and so is chocolate. Now, close your eyes and imagine both of these concepts melted into one. OK, now picture that happening every single month. Heaven, right? Chocolate-of-the-month clubs, also known as chocolate boxes or chocolate subscription services, may very well be the best invention yet, but like any great idea, it’s bound to be replicated. That means there are a whole lot of chocolate subscriptions to choose from, but which is the best chocolate delivery service for you (or the awfully lucky person you’re gifting it to)? We combed through the many online chocolate-of-the-month clubs and subscription boxes to suss out what they offer and help you decide which one is best.

global goods5 Great Snack Boxes Full of Treats From Around The WorldOh, and did we mention a chocolate subscription box is totally the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth? For one, gourmet chocolate is the ultimate splurge sweet but also, a subscription gift will remind your recipient every month just how thoughtful you are. Or, you know, how much you care about them.

From subscription boxes specializing in high-end chocolate bars to those offering dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and even white chocolate creations, there is a little something for any chocolate fan. There are even subscription boxes available for those who want a little more than just chocolate with mix-ins like artisan pickles and salty, savory snacks. Most chocolate subscriptions boxes are available in three, six or 12-month deliveries and vary in price, starting as low as $30. To find your perfect self-splurge or gourmet gift, check out the best chocolate of the month clubs and chocolate subscriptions services in 2020.

If it’s a last-minute gift you need, just present one great bar of chocolate and a card, and let them know there’s lots more where that came from (wink).

Bar & Cocoa Chocolate Club 

Bar & Cocoa

This chocolate of the month club specializes in quality, small-batch gourmet chocolate bars from around the world. Don’t expect any chocolate truffles or bonbons, just lots of good, often single-origin dark chocolate from every corner of the globe. A 3-month subscription for Bar & Cocoa starts at $129 and includes shipping. Buy Now

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Crate Joy Chocolate Boxes

Crate Joy

Crate Joy is an online marketplace for snack boxes and subscriptions services, so they’ve got a slew of monthly chocolate clubs and subscription boxes you can choose from a variety of price points. Try artisanal chocolate creations made with gourmet ingredients in the Original Gourmet Chocolate Club or go for the Bean to Bar Club, which focuses on good-yet-simple, artisanal chocolate bars.Buy Now

Jackie’s Chocolate


Jackie’s chocolate boxes come monthly and are filled with fun things like chocolate crunchy nuts, chewy caramels, fluffy marshmallows, and creamy, fruit-filled bonbons. With decadent artisan dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and even some white chocolate, this is a good option for the chocoholic who covets variety. You’ll get about 15 chocolates per box for $29.95 per month and you can pause, skip, or cancel your subscription at any time. Jackie’s also offers sugar-free chocolate if you are so inclined.Buy Now

Ethel M Chocolate Club

Ethel M

The M in Ethel M stands for Mars. Yes, that Mars, so you know the chocolate making pedigree here is serious. This west coast chocolatier has been churning out truffles, bonbons, and other chocolate creations for decades. They can be purchased in the brand’s brick-and-mortar stores (mostly in Nevada) or online. Subscribe to the chocolate club and receive deliveries for three, six, or 12 months. Ethel M’s chief chocolatier (OK, how do I get this job?) curates special monthly mixes of premium Ethel M Chocolate pieces and Ethel M adds other chocolate goodies into the mix, like candy bars, samplers, tasting notes, pairing tips, and more. Subscriptions start at $50 per month.Buy Now

Simply Chocolate

chocolate covered salted caramels


While Simply Chocolate isn’t a subscription box service like the rest, it is one of the best online chocolate marketplaces, carrying many top producers and lots of wonderful chocolate gift ideas. You can shop the store by brand, with heavy-hitters like Godiva, Vosges, Max Brenner, and Neuhaus. Or peruse the collections, perfect if you’re looking for something specific like a novelty chocolate gift, chocolate-themed gift basket, or chocolate & wine pairing.Buy Now

Candy Club

Candy Club

We’ve written about Candy Club as one of the best snack boxes of 2020, and for good reason. The online candy shop and subscription service has one of the largest selections of candy anywhere—and that includes plenty of chocolate. You can order a one-time gift or monthly subscription of boxes with six 6- or 13-ounce candy cups filled with milk chocolate truffles, dark chocolate peanut butter cup, salty chocolate-covered pretzels, and more. Subscriptions to Candy Club are as low as $30 per month when you sign up for six months.Buy Now

Harry & David’s Chocolate Club

Harry & David’s

Harry & David have been at the forefront of gourmet food delivery for decades, and they’ve got the chocolate club thing covered, too. Starting at just $99 (total), you can get three, six, or 12 months of high-end chocolate deliveries with everything from tried-and-true favorites like signature chocolate cherries, to more unusual treats like truffles inspired by classic cocktails. One nice thing about this Harry & David’s chocolate club is you can see all 12 months’ worth of chocolate deliveries upfront so there are no disappointing surprises—which is perfect for a gift, but less so if you were hoping to surprise yourself every month.Buy Now


This is the best subscription box to give someone (or yourself) if you suspect they’d appreciate more than just chocolate. Monthly Mouth boxes contain everything from fancy pickles to cookies, cocktail mixers, snacks, and, yes, chocolate. The service starts at around $60 per month but gets cheaper the longer you sign up for. You can also just send one box as a gift or curate a selection from the sprawling Mouth marketplace.Buy Now

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