Addressing the critical problem of there not being enough stuff to spend tons of money on, the April BeerAdvocate documents “how being a shameless spendthrift can enhance your enjoyment of better beer.”

And how, exactly, can those of us confronting the awesome burden of wealth management spend our lucre on such a generally affordable beverage?

You can buy a bottle of Tutankhamen Ale. Originally made in 1996 based on a recipe developed by archaeologists digging around Queen Nefertiti’s Temple of the Sun in Egypt, the once-$50 bottle now sells for around a grand.

You can spend $770 for a five-day cruise through Canada’s eastern provinces, accompanied by beer expert Gary Monterosso.

You can spend $1,115.40 a year to join Michael Jackson’s Rare Beer Club and get a half dozen 750-milliliter bottles of his featured beer each month in the mail, along with increasingly desperate letters wherein the internationally renowned beer expert attempts to explain that he is not that Michael Jackson.

Or—incomprehensibly—you can buy an empty can of Clipper Pale Beer circa 1935 on eBay for $19,299. While it’s generally safe to say “to each his own,” this last expenditure is pretty much clearly a stupid way to spend one’s money.

Although the can is rather cool-looking.

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