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Mother’s Day in the time of coronavirus is probably not going to be what you’re used to, but you can still treat the most important woman in your life to a gift she’ll love. Don’t forget to Skype her too, of course; a virtual hug is better than none at all. As for the other present, everyone has to eat (and drink), so we rounded up the best food and drink subscriptions you can order online for Mother’s Day—including some one-off options in case mom’s tastes are always changing (or you need to save some dough). And these all happen to be great last-minute gifts in case you haven’t gotten to it yet.

Whether you’re seeing a lot more of Mom these days (maybe via Zoom?) or not nearly enough, you absolutely don’t want to forget about sending her some love on May 10. 

If you haven’t already picked out a Mother’s Day gift, going the food and beverage route is always a great bet. From coffee to wine, snacks to steak, one-time gifts to subscription services here’s our guide to the ultimate Mother’s Day 2020 care packages.

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White Wine Spectrum, $85 from Vinebox


Moms love wine. That’s just a fact. But narrowing down exactly which bottles would be best to gift her may get complicated. Thankfully Vinebox’s unique flight package makes things easy. Included are nine different high-quality samples for a full-ranged tasting (over multiple sittings, we hope). There are several packages to choose from but the White Wine Spectrum is ideal for a selection of cool, crisp sippers that pair well with warm weather—or gift mom an ongoing subscription.Buy Now

Coffee Subscription, starting at $9/month from Atlas Coffee Club

best coffee clubs and subscription services

Atlas Coffee

Is mom a caffeine fiend? If so, hook her up with a coffee subscription service. And if she’s particularly picky about her beans the extremely customizable Atlas Coffee Club caters to preferences such as roast strength, whole beans or ground, and varying delivery frequencies. Each order also comes with brewing tips and a cute lil’ postcard from its country of origin. Shipping is also free on your first order.Buy Now

Wagyu Petite Filet Mignon, $35 from Snake River Farms 

Snake River Farms

While there are oodles of meat delivery options out there, ordering filet mignon is a no-brainer for an extra special gift. But since this is Mother’s Day, you’ll want something that’s a cut above. We suggest going with a wagyu upgrade for steaks that are so tender, they’re graded even higher than prime. They’re also easy to prepare: season, sear, rest, perhaps add a pat of herb butter, and enjoy!Buy Now

Lobster Roll Kit, $168 from Lobster Anywhere 

Lobster Anywhere

For the moms that enjoy surf more than turf, a seafood subscription would be much appreciated—but keep in mind that May is peak Maine lobster season. If you don’t want to burden her with breaking down a whole crustacean, Lobster Anywhere’s fully loaded lobster roll kit is a great bet. The package comes with two pounds of meat, buns, Maine Sea Salt Butter, and even some New England salt water taffy as an extra sweet final touch.Buy Now

One Time Trial Box, $22 from Perfectly Imperfect Produce

Perfectly Imperfect

It’s getting harder and harder to order groceries delivered to your door which is why the gift of farm fresh produce is something mom is sure to love. While the fruits and veggies from Imperfect Produce have a face only a mother could love, they taste just as good as their more photogenic friends. The best part about this box (which feeds 2 to 4) is it doesn’t require a subscription, but there several weekly and monthly delivery options if you’d prefer to go that route.Buy Now

Meal Kits, starting at $16.98 from Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh meal kit gift subscription

Hello Fresh

Meal kits offer the best of both worlds: home cooked meals without all the stress. We have our favorites, but for Mother’s Day, consider going with Hello Fresh, which is exceptionally customizable for different dietary restrictions/preferences and family sizes.Buy Now

Humphry Slocombe Choose Your Own Pint Six-Pack, $89 from Goldbelly

Humphry Slocombe ice cream order online

Humphry Slocombe

NorCal natives know all about the magic of Humphry Slocombe. But thanks to a partnership with Goldbelly, you can send some of the world’s best ice cream to mom no matter where in the country she resides. The Choose Your Own option lets you select six different pints which will keep her sweet tooth satisfied for a very long time. Though it’s hard to choose amongst all the inventive flavors, keep an eye out for Salted Caramel Cocoa Nib which is so much cooler than your standard box of chocolates. (If you want a gift that keeps on giving, Goldbelly has you covered there too.)Buy Now

Snack Subscription, starting at $54/month from Mouth

vegan snack box gift set


Remember when your mom used to sneak that surprise snack into your lunchbox? Well now you can return the favor. Mouth’s Snack of the Month Club offers an assortment of deluxe treats that cater to Mom’s specific tastes be it pickles, jerky, cookies, or all-of-the-above if she’s an equal opportunity snacker.Buy Now

MasterClass Cooking Classes, $180 from MasterClass


To paraphrase a well-worn saying, “Teach a mom to cook and she’ll eat well for a lifetime.” While there are lots of cooking classes available online, MasterClass offers easy-to-follow instructional videos from world-renowned chefs like Massimo Bottura, Aaron Franklin, and Thomas Keller. Right now the company (which features tutorials in a wide variety of fields beyond food) has a buy one, share one deal on its annual membership so you and mom can bond over preparing and eating the same meal even if you’re miles apart.Buy Now

Bonus: Bloomsy Original Box, $39.99/month from BloomsyBox

Bloomsy Box flower subscription gift

Bloomsy Box

Studies have shown that the presence of a bouquet can have significant positive effects on your mood and sense of well-being (which is essential now more than ever). Not only will a flower delivery lift mom’s spirits on her special day, with a subscription from BloomsyBox, you can keep the joy coming for months to come—and her dinner table will always look lovely.Buy Now

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