What ever happened to the class of Top Chef’s second season? This summer, also-ran Sam Talbot is slated to open Spitzer’s Corner, which Eater describes as “a beer/burger concept of indeterminate type.” And he’s not the only cheftestant getting his career in order.

Somewhere in Northern California (we know this because his site says he is “Serving all Northern California Counties”), Mike “Mikey” Midgley has started his own catering biz called Midgley Catering: Gotta Get Some. The website proudly displays photos familiar to the ravenous Top Chef viewers, including the controversial Cheeto penis stabbed into a testicular mess of smashed Snickers that he proudly served up to Suzanne Goin with a frat boy leer.

Aside from the photos, the section titled “What Mikey Cooks” also lists menu items that, while not completely inspiring, definitely go along with Midgley’s dream job: owning a sports bar and grill.

Deep Fried Asparagus with Cream Cheese Wrapped in Won Tons

Mini BLT’s

Egg Rolls

Smoked Baby Back Ribs

Smoked Brisket

Deep Fried Twinkies

Mini Twice Baked Potatoes with Shrimp

Disappointingly, he doesn’t seem to offer his wife’s panties as an amuse-bouche.

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