Sure, you’ve seen your share of special effects dramas and you’re down with CGI-this and virtual-that. Plus the morphing. Oh, enough with the frickin’ morphing already.

But did you know that some of the key supporting players in your favorite violent video game might be fruits and vegetables —sacrificing their leafy green lives in the name of “Foley effects?” This video proves it.

OK, unless you’ve been in a media vacuum since—oh, 1930 or so—you’ve probably heard that a snapped stalk of celery can be a reasonable audio stand-in for a breaking bone. Or a smashed cantaloupe can do a decent “dismemberment.” Or that an orange plus a hammer plus a condenser mic makes for a pretty good throat cutting. But it’s entertaining nonetheless to see the produce put through its paces.

Note: you must be 18 to view the video. Because kids under 18 would have their minds blown by the sight of videogame violence.

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