Environmental-justice organizations don’t usually push their supporters to kill stuff for dinner. But that’s just what Earthjustice is promoting with its current move to get federal protection for wild salmon habitats in the Pacific Northwest.

After all, salmon aren’t cuddly, but they sure are tasty. So Earthjustice is corralling 200 top-notch chefs to sign a letter urging Congress to support the Klamath and Columbia fisheries, which have been weakened in past years by diversions of river water for nearby farms.

As Earthjustice notes, “Consumer demand for wild salmon helps back the fishermen’s requests for federal support for habitat improvements, such as dam removal. … In short, buying wild Pacific salmon helps reinforce the need to restore and protect rivers in the Pacific Northwest.”

In May, several chefs will be bringing the salmon petition to DC—and naturally, cooking up lots of salmon for any local lawmakers who need convincing. Want to join in? Send a copy of this letter to your local congressperson. Or just make sure you go wild the next time you order salmon.

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