Online cooking classes are a great way to learn new skills, but you don’t necessarily have to dish out a lot of money for them—Amazon just made all its cooking content free for one year to Amazon device owners. But if that doesn’t apply to you, never fear: We rounded up all the best free cooking classes currently online (including more casual instruction options, and even one for kids) for those who don’t want to pay to play.

Now is as good a time as ever to step up your cooking game and thankfully there are a number of instructional online options that will help you improve your kitchen skills without having to leave the house. Of course, budget is currently a major concern for many but we’re happy to report that there are oodles of free cooking classes for beginners and pros alike you can stream right now. They’re sure to make future meals more exciting than the microwave meal lurking in the depths of your freezer and save you time in the kitchen so you can get back to watching “Tiger King.”

Check out a few of our favorites:

Kitchn Cooking School

It’s always best to start with the basics and Kitchn Cooking School has your back. With 20 lessons intended to span 20 days, you’ll gather all of the skills and knowledge necessary to ride out any quarantine with a full and happy belly. Best of all, when this is all over and an abundance of ingredients and tools are once again at your disposal, the culinary world will be your oyster.

Raddish Kids

Even in ordinary times, hearing your little one complain, “I’m bored!” for the umpteenth time is like nails on a chalkboard. Why not kill two birds with one stone and have them help make dinner? With the help of Raddish Kids’ free Facebook cooking videos, you could have the next Flynn McGarry on your hands. Worst case scenario, you may finally convert even the most finicky eater away from that unwavering insistence on buttered noodles for every freakin’ meal.  (And if your kids get really into cooking, Raddish offers a cooking club subscription with kits to help them learn new recipes and techniques too.)

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Antoni Porowski on Instagram

Anyone who’s seen an episode of “Queer Eye” knows that Antoni Porowski is no stranger to giving cooking tips to the complete novice. If you or someone in your life is absolutely flummoxed when it comes to preparing a meal that requires more than puncturing plastic wrap 3 times and pressing “3 minutes” on the microwave, head to the celebrity chef’s ‘gram for his “Quar Eye: Cooking Lessons in Quarantine” series. With videos themed around the Keep Calm-lette and Cooped-Up Chicken Porowski is doing his best to bring his faithful followers some joy and tasty eats during these trying times. 

Christina Tosi’s Baking Club on Instagram

While whimsical flourishes Milk Bar dessert wizard Christina Tosi adds to her creations may not be possible with what you have at your fingertips, the very basics of her baking club tutorials are totally compatible with what’s currently (hopefully, anyway) in your pantry. Find her on Instagram where she posts the ingredients the night before and appears live at 2pm ET/11am PT the next day to walk you through the cooking process.

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Pasta Grannies on YouTube

What better source of expert cooking advice than an assortment of kindly nonnas? If you’ve always wanted to perfect the art of making pasta, turn to this YouTube channel to learn about the seemingly infinite approaches to the Italian carb staple. From the benefits and drawbacks of different shapes and sizes to various accompanying sauces, meats and cheeses, you’ll also receive a valuable education on the boot-shaped country’s long standing culinary traditions.

Muy Bueno on YouTube

If you want to infuse some Mexican flavor into your cooking repertoire, food blogger and cookbook author Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack is here to help. Her YouTube channel Muy Bueno is loaded with tutorials for preparing South of the Border specialties with a twist like mixing margaritas with watermelon and mezcal or topping fries with carne asada. Feeling a bit under the weather? Her recipe for Pozole Verde, a hearty salsa verde-infused chicken soup, is sure to provide comfort. 

Maangchi on YouTube

With fermented food (and its longer shelf life) front and center, it’s the perfect opportunity to get better acquainted with Korean cuisine. The YouTube channel run by social media culinary superstar  Maanghchi covers kimchi from all angles (using the spicy and tangy cabbage in soups, pancakes, and beyond), along with other traditional dishes as well as some more contemporary offerings including Ram-don, the instant noodle dish made popular in “Parasite.”

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BBQ Pit Boys on YouTube

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Summer is fast approaching which means grilling season will soon be upon us. The wildly popular BBQ Pit Boys will help you make the most of your Weber with literally hundreds of recipes and how-to videos covering every item in the category of ‘cue from brisketribs, and burgers to rubs and sauces.

The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show on YouTube

Oh how we long for the days when going plant-based was generally just an ethical choice. But in the current climate with tighter grocery budgets, there’s even more reason to lean into the movement. Take the plunge with these meat-free cooking tutorials and maybe you’ll be bidding adieu to animal eating for good.

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