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The season of spring cleaning may be over, but it’s never a bad time to tidy up (especially since you’re spending so much time at home). Why not organize your closet? These pics and tips will inspire you…to think about doing it, at least.

Confession: I thoroughly enjoy cleaning my closet and do so on a regular basis. A textbook Virgo at heart, there’s something about seeing well-loved items in exactly the right place that makes my soul sing. In fact, I’m so keen on closet organization that I routinely volunteer to help friends undertake the task.

However, despite what my Pinterest account might suggest, an organized closet is about more than just rows of perfectly aligned shoes or expertly selected dresses organized by color. When my closet feels clean and streamlined, I’m more appreciative of the items I own and less tempted to impulse shop. Overall, I just feel less stressed.

When it comes to lighting that organizational spark, a picture is worth a thousand words. If you’re looking to kickstart your spring cleaning, here are a few swoon-worthy closets that will inspire you to clean your own.

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1. Get Real About What You Love 

Do you feel like your closet is bursting at the seams, yet you always feel like you have nothing to wear? Are you an athleisure and hoodie kind of person with a wardrobe full of jeans and sweaters that rarely see the light of day? Your small closet isn’t the problem. Instead, your wardrobe might just be due for a much needed exfoliation.

As the folks at Simply Spaced suggest, “get real about what you really love, need and wear. Keep only the things that make you feel good. Buy only the things that you love, that will last. Make the most of the space you are in and commit to a quality over quantity lifestyle. Be an editor of your life.” In other words, edit first and organize second. 

Once you’ve narrowed in on what you love and use, you can add in tools that help keep everything in place like a natural water hyacinth lidded oval double hamper that actually makes you excited to do laundry. 

Round Weave Laundry Basket, $65-$150 at West Elm

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2. Organize by Color 

If you’ve ever perused the Instagram of StudioDIY’s Kelly Mindell, you know that the home she shares with her husband and son is chock-full of gorgeous, colorful design and DIY projects. Her master closet is no exception. By using uniform hangers and organizing clothes according to color, her closet is proof that a very colorful wardrobe can still look ultra organized in a small space. For a sleek, modern look like Kelly’s, try these rose gold hangers

Rose Gold Hangers, 30 for $32.99 on Amazon

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3. Use Acrylic Dividers to Separate Items

Tired of opening your closet only to face an avalanche of sweaters? Take another page from Kelly Mindell and invest in shelf separators like these clear shelf dividers. Not only will they do wonders when it comes to keeping your favorite foldable items tidy, they’re also great for organizing small purses and clutches. 

Adjustable Acrylic Shelf Divider, $8.79 at The Container Store

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4. Hang Like Items Together

When different kinds of clothing items (shirts, jeans, dresses) are all jumbled together, it can create visual confusion that leads to that dreaded “nothing to wear” feeling. Whether your wardrobe is rainbow inspired, mostly monochromatic, or somewhere in between, start by organizing like items together. If you struggle with keeping your closet shelves tidy, a set of simple storage boxes are an easy fix for seasonal clothing or small items like hats and gloves.

Lidded Fabric Boxes, 2 for $13.99 on Wayfair

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5. Use Uniform Hangers 

Repeat after me: Everything looks better when it’s hung on the same kind of hanger. To get the most bang for your buck, look for a space saving option like these ever popular velvet hangers

Real Simple Slimline 50-Count Flocked Suit Hanger, $24.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond

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6. Stash Shoes in Plastic Boxes 

We’ve all seen those gorgeous photos of celebrity and influencer closets where entire shoe collections are displayed on white bookshelves like art. While a wall of shoes is undoubtedly visually appealing, it’s not necessarily the most practical option for most of us. 

Take it from Cristina Maritano, a shoe blogger with a sizable footwear wardrobe. 

Unless you’re frequently swapping out the shoes on your ‘shoe shelves,’ keeping your footwear permanently on display is simply doing a grave injustice to your prized possessions,” she said. Dust and sunlight can irreparably damage your favorite footwear (especially on shoes made of suede and other delicate materials), so consider opting for something like these clear plastic shoe boxes. Keep out what you’re going to wear often and store the rest.

Clear Plastic Stackable Shoe Boxes, $2.19/each at The Container Store

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7. Label It 

It may seem absurd to label things in your closet—especially if you can see what’s inside a container—but it can make finding items in a pinch that much quicker. So, while you’re labeling everything in your pantry, consider doing the same for your flip flops, belts, and other odds and ends. Make your own labels using a white paint pen or invest in a label maker

8. Create Drawer Space Where There Is None 

No dresser? No problem. Clear drawers are a great way to store everything from delicate items like scarves and bandanas, to leggings, sports bras, bathing suits, and small purses. These clear drawers by The Home Edit (with removable dividers) are sure to give your closet an upgrade. 

Clear All Purpose Drawers by The Home Edit, $40 at The Container Store

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9. Treat Your Closet Like Your Own Personal Boutique

Who said closets are just for clothes? If you can’t make it out to your favorite boutique or are simply on a self-imposed shopping ban at the moment (hello, me!), why not try and recreate the experience at home? If space permits, find ways like blogger Nathalie Martin did to add personal items into your clothing storage. Seeing things you love like treasured photos or this cheeky Jonathan Adler lip shaped trinket tray scattered amongst your clothes is a great way to add extra comfort and joy to your day.

Jonathan Adler Lip Shaped Tray, $98 at Saks Fifth Avenue

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10. Relish in Minimalism 

Overwhelmed with the prospect of organizing your entire closet? Keep things simple. If you know you are only going to be using certain kinds of clothing over the next while, stop overwhelm by pulling out favorites and creating a capsule wardrobe. This is a great way to stay organized, while focusing on the items that best suit your current lifestyle. Make it easy with this simple clothes rack

RIGGA Clothes Rack, $19.99 at Ikea

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