The pupusas at Pupuseria El Capulin are an absolutely deadly must-try, says hhc. For those of you who don’t know, pupusas are sort of thickish masa-based flat breads, stuffed with fillings, and then griddled up to crispiness. At their worst, they’re soggy balls of corn flour and grease. At their best, they’re little essays in texture—hot, crispy, scorched masa on the outside; softer masa on the inside; leading to sweetly oozing cheese or pork—sort of like chocolate falling down cake written in Latin American savory staples.

El Capulin’s are the good kind: made fresh to order, chewy and crispy in the shell, with beautifully blended fillings. They’re $2 apiece, and they’re awesome.

Carne asada tacos are also recommended.

Pupuseria El Capulin [East Bay]
7036 Thornton Avenue, Newark

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