This is the first time we’ve heard such a claim. For years now, the Fatted Calf has been the single most beloved, most lauded, most recommended charcuterie in the Bay Area. Hell, it’s probably the single most recommended place of any genre for the whole of Chowhound, San Francisco. But, says rworange, there’s better.

Better is Columbus Salame’s crespone—a coarse-ground, country-style salami. It’s amazing. She’s had Fra’ Mani’s salami, she’s had Fatted Calf’s, and they don’t touch this crespone. It’s made from fresh pork flavored with pepper, garlic, and wine.

While Columbus salami is available at various locales, including Costco, all of the big praise we’ve heard only comes from the stuff purchased from Vella Cheese. Vella, says rworange, is her dream of a wine country cheese shop—not fancy, just good. While you’re there, try the absurdly cheap bags of grated aged jack, and the good, nutty, sweet four-year-old Asagio. And superb butter—good enough that she actually drove out to Sonoma just for some more butter.

Vella Cheese [Sonoma County]
315 Second Street E., Sonoma

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