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With COVID-19 impacting all aspects of life, Easter celebrations are likely to look at least a little different this year—online masses and Skype sessions with far-flung family, for instance—but we know a lot of people will still be enjoying Easter baskets and traditional dinners. So we’re sharing ideas we hope will help bring happiness to you and yours. Here, our favorite things to put in a kid’s Easter basket besides candy.

Not sure where to start when it comes to stocking your kid’s Easter basket? If you’re a parent, the last thing you want to do is buy a whole bunch of items that look cute, but don’t have much use beyond the holiday. Forget wind-up fluffy chicks that will end up gathering dust underneath the couch or big-as-your-head chocolate bunnies sure to induce an uncontrollable sugar high. Below, find Easter basket booty for a range of ages that has style as well as function.

Colorful Tub, $10.99 at Gardener’s Supply

Colorful Gardening Tub

Gardener’s Supply

When the egg hunts are long gone, these durable, lightweight tubs can be used to store sports gear or toys. Plus, they come in nine vibrant colors, from pastel pink to kelly green. Buy Now

 Elephant Watering Can, $3.99 at Ace Hardware

Living Accents

Spring means it’s time to get back into the garden. Encourage your kids to water the front yard flowers and backyard beds with this charming, inexpensive pachyderm that spouts water out of its trunk. Buy Now

“Read to Your Bunny” Board Book, $6.90 at Amazon

“Read to Your Bunny” Board Book


This sweet, short book by beloved author Rosemary Wells is an ode to the importance of reading to your child, with a sweet final message: “Read to your bunny often, and your bunny will read to you.” Can’t get enough of Wells’ work? Check out her popular Max & Ruby series, which perfectly captures the big sister-little brother dynamic.Buy Now


Le Toy Van Vegetables Crate, $16.75 at Amazon


Pretend play nurtures kids’ imagination and strengthens problem-solving, language, and social skills. With this crate of wooden veggies, little ones can emulate their local farmers’ market vendor—and it might even encourage nutritious food choices IRL.Buy Now  

Sand Play Set, $14.40 at Amazon


Made from recycled milk containers, these eco-friendly sand toys can be used at the beach or in the sandbox.Buy Now

Dumpling Night Light, $16 at Urban Outfitters 

Urban Outfitters

Night lights provide bedtime comfort for kids of all ages. What could be cuter than one in the shape of a pudgy, anthropomorphic soup dumpling? Not only will it light the way in the dark; it’s impossible to look at it without smiling. Buy Now

Pustefix Bubbles, $5.97 at Amazon


Blowing bubbles is one of those childhood activities that never gets old. These German-made ones cost a bit more than the average bubbles, but that’s because their quality is a cut above the rest. Says one Amazon user: “They are more colorful, more numerous, longer lasting than other bubbles.” Plus, the bubble wand is brilliantly attached to the lid, so there’s no need to dip your fingers deep into the container to rescue it.Buy Now

Monster Bandages, $6.99 at Target 


It’s inevitable—kids are gonna get cuts and scrapes. One way to make boo-boos a little less ouchy is by covering them up with fun bandages. These aptly named “bravery badges” come in a sturdy tin, in three monster-themed varieties. The brand, Welly, also offers bandages with rainbow-and-unicorn and floral patterns.Buy Now

Natural Playdough, $12 at Anthropologie


Made with organic wheat flour, almond oil, and vegetable dye, this whimsical sculpting dough comes in four glittery color schemes, and looks almost good enough to eat. (Keep away from babies and toddlers to avoid this fate.) The “Rainbow Dreams” version has a pastel palette that just screams Easter. Buy Now


Fortune Cookie Sidewalk Chalk, $25 at TWEE


This super cool chalk by Philadelphia-based TWEE is perfect for driveway masterpieces and hopscotch courts. It comes in an array of other unusual shapes, too—from doughnuts to gemstones, sushi to narwhal horns.Buy Now  


Pixelated Water Bottle, $17 at Pottery Barn Teen

Pottery Barn

Every family could use one more water bottle. This stainless steel one  holds enough water for your thirsty Little Leaguer and has a cool, Minecraft-inspired pattern.Buy Now

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