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With Memorial Day right around the corner, and thus the unwritten law that deems it grilling season now in effect, it’s certainly a good opportunity for a little online shopping. And what better time to add to your collection than during one of All-Clad’s famed sales? The beloved, high-quality cooking institution is offering deals on a number of items, from full cookware sets to grilling tools, putting you in the perfect position to add something new and shiny to the kitchen—all while saving some dough. Plus, alongside the deals, if you purchase a Rowenta pure air purifier or a Lagostina stainless steel roaster, you’ll get 15 percent off your entire order (just use code 15OFF). 

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There are a few caveats here: These items are “factory seconds,” so they’ll have “minor cosmetic scratches and/or dents,” but are otherwise good to go. And the vendor (which is All-Clad’s parent company) requires you to opt in to its email newsletters in order to shop. You can opt out later, but that process is also via email. There are a bunch of other terms of use you’ll want to check before proceeding, too—all of which can be read before committing. 

With that in mind, check out what we’re adding to our carts immediately. 

All-Clad Nonstick Grill Grid, $50 at Home and Cook

You save: $50

Home and Cook

Grill enthusiasts will fall in love with this nonstick grilling platter, built to be placed over your coal-fired or electric grill. The perforations are large enough so that those delightful smoky flavors can rise up into those meats and vegetables, and the oversized handles mean you don’t have to worry about burning yourself.Buy Now

All-Clad Hard Anodized Roaster, $60 at Home and Cook

You save: $90

Home and Cook

Lead the way with this hard anodized roaster, ideal for roasting whole chickens and other large cuts of meat.Buy Now  

All-Clad 8-Inch Fry Pan, $60 at Home and Cook

You save $60

Home and Cook

Looking for that one perfect skillet to use for everything? Well here it is: All-Clad’s 8-inch fry pan, patented with a 5-ply construction that distributes heat throughout the entire pan.Buy Now

All-Clad BBQ Tool Set, $75 at Home and Cook 

You save $75

Home and Cook

Fire up the grill with this shiny tool set, complete with a two-pronged fork, brush, locking tongs, and spatula.Buy Now

All-Clad 8-Inch Fry Pan and 1-Quart Sauce Pan, $100 at Home and Cook

You save $150

Home and Cook

This dual set is designed to complement each other: Sear, brown, or fry in the skillet while you simmer a sauce or gravy or in the sauce pan.Buy Now

All-Clad 8.4-Quart Stainless Pressure Cooker, $120 at Home and Cook

You save $240

Home and Cook

Get to preparing creative meals with this stovetop pressure cooker, built with a two-part cooking process that’s designed to optimize flavor.Buy Now

All-Clad 7-Piece Healthy Cookware Set, $300 at Home and Cook 

You save $340

Home and Cook

This 7-piece set has all your necessities, bottled up and packaged into one sleek collection: an 8-inch nonstick skillet, a 10-inch skillet, a 3-quart sauté pot with a lid, and a 6-quart pasta pot built with an adjustable perforated insert.Buy Now

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