Food bloggers are lugging their ice cream makers out of storage a bit early this year, and it’s all the fault of David Lebovitz. Lebovitz, a former pastry chef at Chez Panisse and author of three books on dessert, has just published a fourth: The Perfect Scoop.

A bona fide member of the food blogging community himself—his witty blog is a food-world favorite and two-time winner in the annual food blog awards— Lebovitz and his book are inspiring food bloggers around the world to put their dusty ice cream makers to good use. Because really, who can resist when Lebovitz claims to have a recipe for salted butter caramel ice cream that is better than the caramel ice cream at Berthillon in Paris?

Elise of Simply Recipes is a fan of Lebovitz’s coffee ice cream, and is excited that his method allows her to make her ice cream a decaf. Derrick of An Obsession with Food (and Wine) tries out Lebovitz’s recipe for rice gelato. Melissa at The Traveler’s Lunchbox interviews Lebovitz about the book and whips up a batch of roasted banana ice cream (without an ice cream maker even—it is possible), and The Gourmet Peasant goes hog wild, making six different flavors of ice cream from Lebovitz’s book.

Pull out the ice cream maker, summer’s come early this year.

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