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Welcome to Chowhound’s Table Talk podcast, where Executive Editor Hana Asbrink chats with some of the most interesting names and newsmakers in the food space. Today: New York Times contributing food photographer, Andrew Scrivani.

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“Work hard, be nice.” Such simple words of advice from famed food photographer, Andrew Scrivani. Surely it can’t be this easy rising to the top?

In the latest episode of Chowhound’s Table Talk Podcast, I talk to the director, producer, and New York Times contributing food photographer about his new book, “That Photo Makes Me Hungry: Photographing Food for Fun & Profit.” We go in-depth about everything from the changing landscape of food media to weaving a word-less tale through visuals, and how to—realistically!—make money as a photographer, from a business perspective.

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Tune in to my chat with Andrew, who’s really left an indelible mark in the food photography landscape as we know it today. You’re probably already familiar with his signature style and breadth of work—without even realizing it.

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Header image by Andrew Scrivani

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