When I was a kid, no one thought it was weird to buy packs of candy cigarettes for the young’uns. Tuck some in a six-year-old’s goodie bag these days, and you can kiss your membership in the PTA goodbye.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m certainly not advocating bringing back training-wheel cigarettes for kids. But it sure is a different world. Now you can’t even name your gum after a popular cocktail without an alcohol watchdog group getting down on you, surmises “Wrigley Taken to Task for Mojito-Flavored Gum,” an article in Advertising Age.

At odds is Mint Mojito Orbit gum. According to Ad Age, the Marin Institute says that Wrigley is “using the rum-based cocktail’s flavor to appeal to children.” Really? It’s using the taste of Mojitos to attract children to its gum? Because kids really go for the flavors of mint and lime. Together.

A Wrigley spokesman counters that, hey, other candy makers have piña colada this and piña colada that.

The spokesman didn’t mention Chronic Candy, the marijuana-flavored lollipops that caused a stir after being imported from Europe in 2005.

And besides, Wrigley is running out of mint names for its Orbit line, having already used bubblemint, winter mint, peppermint, spearmint, cinnamint, sweet mint, citrus mint, and raspberry mint.

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