KFC? Market unhealthy foods to children? Never! Sure, it just began running a TV ad campaign that plays a high-pitched, mosquitolike sound that people over 20 generally can’t hear because of age-related hearing loss (teenagers apparently use the noise as a cell phone ringtone to get away with receiving calls and text messages in class). And sure, viewers who can pinpoint the sound’s start during the ad are eligible to enter to win a KFC coupon good for a whole $10 (the only way to enter is, surprise, on the Internet, many kids’ second home). But as a New York ABC-affiliate evening news program reports:

Laurie Schalow a spokesperson for the chicken chain told Eyewitness News, ‘KFC is using the ring tone in our commercial as a way to get the attention of young mothers and fathers. We found many people well into their 30’s could hear the tone.’

OK, but how many thirtysomethings with impeccably preserved hearing are that desperate for a bucket of wings? Let’s call a spade a spade, Colonel Sanders.

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